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But when my little boy is older, people will ask him if he was fed, and had clothes on his back. He does. I went out and did it the hardest way imaginable to earn for my family. He has won just 12 times and never knocked anybody out. Laight is on a fight winless run that he isn't convinced he will ever snap.

CBS Censors “The Good Fight” for a Musical Short About China

TV Series, Action (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

The brutality of these fights never made them unwatchable or disgusting. Instead, they brought the viewer into the situation, and showed us a more realistic version of the over-stylized combat we often see on film. The series follows her as she fights against the organization known as The Division.

Nikita battles super spies who are constantly being recruited and trained by The Division, as she attempts to stop their various nefarious enterprises.

Knight Fight: a brief history of armour

Agents of S. Still, the show provides plenty of remarkable action sequences, although its most notable one probably came in the second season, when Skye took down an entire room filled with enemy agents in a single, beautifully choreographed long take.

Sometimes, there are scrappy shows that manage to fit in plenty of compelling action on a more limited budget.

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  • Best Of The Best 2 Snatch. Mickey, one of the main characters, is an Irish Traveler bare-knuckle boxing champion.
  • Season one[ edit ] MiG in the Korean War.
  • Among the show's landmarks hitting episodes, then , then was the inclusion of Homer's exclamation, "Doh! Though the show won an Emmy as Best Comedy, the writers were never so honored in fairness, the Emmy for sitcom writing didn't exist until
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Chuck put a heavy focus on hand-to-hand combat and gun fighting, and the choreography was always sublime. Even so, the show always used its action beats to reinforce the dynamics between the characters.

When the show did opt for an explosion, the results were often hilarious, in part because of the tiny budget the show was produced on. Whereas Supergirl and The Flash have the advantage of superpowers, Arrow is more grounded in the real world, and that only adds to its use of action sequences.

Of course, it also helps when you have a cool accessory, and a tricked out bow and arrow makes for better action staging than most people might think.

The Tragedy of the American Military

Like many stories with pirates at the center, we come to appreciate and be horrified by the behavior these men exhibit. Ultimately, Black Sails earns its spot on this list because it depicts a type of action that is rarely seen on the small screen. Following Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow, the show focused on a young woman who discovers she has a family history of undercover spy work, and begins conducting that work herself.

Alias was always really good television, and its action was a big part of the reason why.

Dogfights (TV series)

The show follows a pair of brothers who are locked in prison together. One was falsely accused of committing a crime, and the other got himself locked up so that he and his brother could formulate an escape plan together.

Prison Break follows their attempts to break out of prison, and their eventual run-ins with the law outside of prison. Over the course of the series, the pair naturally find themselves in a variety of fights, both with their fists and with guns. The danger with some action shows is that these scenes can sometimes feel a bit repetitive, but Prison Break never fell into that trap.

Falling Skies (TV Series

Instead, it managed to find new and clever ways to stage its action sequences and fights, and each one felt thrilling in a new way than the last. Prison Break was inventive in plenty of ways, and its treatment of action was definitely one of them.

Hannibal was often interested in the grotesque, but its fight sequences were just as beautifully presented as every other odd image the show gave us. Here, logic is the key.

Best Written TV Series

Hannibal was often incredibly tense, and when violence erupted, as it so often did, the result was always deeply thrilling. Perhaps the most notable action sequence is the famous hallway fight scene, which is one extended take that features Daredevil taking on several rooms filled with enemies in order to save a young boy.

The acrobatics that the show often employs during his fights are a wonder to behold, in part because Daredevil is always required to use his fists to solve his problems.

The invasions of both Woodbury and the Prison still hold up as the very best action sequences the show has created, in part because they combine the ever -resent danger of walkers with the aesthetic sensibility and brutality of a war film.

The show used its storytelling mechanism, which was designed to depict one hour in real time, to tell its story at breakneck speed, which means that there was always plenty of action to be witnessed.

This sequence was truly spectacular, and it was only topped in season 6, when the creators decided to devote an entire episode to a battle for Winterfell between the forces of Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton.

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