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Friday, November 8, 2019 9:32:10 PM

The stream, according to a screenshot posted by English himself, reachedusers — although some commenters claim seeing up toGiven the ease by which people can livestream on Facebook now, it's likely that English isn't the only one who was able to show the match on the social network or others with livestreaming capabilities such as YouTube and Instagram. What's remarkable with English's bootlegged stream was that it amassed nearly a million viewers, which means it ran for a significant amount of time, without being taken down by the social network.

Live stream: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Las Vegas media day workout

Even though there was always going to people finding a way to watch the scrap for free, it's still pretty interesting to find out just how many did. Advert Digital platform security company Irdeto has estimated that there was around three million people who streamed it illegally, refusing to pay box office prices, Forbes reports.

How To Stream the Mayweather

Credit: PA The three million watched it via streams, with of them being posted to Facebook, YouTube or other social media platforms as live feeds, whereas 67 were through regular streaming sites. Kodi, as you'd expect, had a few, with a reported total of six available as an add-on through the "illicit" streaming platform.

The Daily Mail reports that many of those streaming the fight through an unofficial source saw a watermark pop up on their feed with a random selection of letters and numbers.

That mystery code, according to TorrentFreak - an online publication dedicated to news about copyright and file-sharing - was quite possibly placed there by licensed broadcasters in order to track down pirates.

Twitter wasn't surprised by Floyd Mayweather calling off his odd New Year's Eve fight in Japan Twitter wasn't surprised by Floyd Mayweather calling off his odd New Year's Eve fight in Japan Twitter wasn't surprised by Floyd Mayweather calling off his odd New Year's Eve fight in Japan By nesbittandy1 November 7, pm By: nesbittandy1 November 7, pm So yeah, that Floyd Mayweather fight or whatever it was going to be that was announced earlier this week by Rizin, a MMA fight promotion in Japan, is now off, according to Mayweather, who explained the situation in a lengthy Instagram post on Wednesday. In fact with all due respect I have never heard of him until this recent trip to Japan.

Australian Darren Sharpe received a phone call from television network Foxtel asking him to stop his bootleg broadcast. If this turns out to be the case, was it worth it? Featured Image Credit: PA.

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  • The last fight of the year could be one of the most exciting Shares At times, we never thought it was going to arrive, but Floyd Mayweather vs Tenshin Nasukawa is finally go! The money is huge, the stakes are low and the anticipation is massive.

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