Loyola High School Basketball Live

Tuesday, January 21, 2020 3:44:13 PM

Michael Jordan and the Bulls of the s ruled the city and inspired a generation of devout fans. Sister Jean: how a year-old nun became the hottest property in basketball Read more It felt like the winning would never stop, but one day it just … did. The following season, the team finished dead last in the Central Division, as they did for three more years. That extended to the college game: None of the four Division I schools within city limits — Loyola University Chicago, DePaul University, Chicago State and the University of Illinois at Chicago — had even reached the tournament in 14 years until the Ramblers made the field as an No11 seed earlier this month.

Sacred Heart Men's Basketball Roster

Loyola unknown Loyola Senoir High school located in the heart of towson.

The full boy school with the motto of "Men for Others" lives up to this simply homo erotic slogan. Most of the guys in the closet tend to hide behind the partly shaggy hair, the pink shirts, and leather lofers.

If you do not own some form of SUV you are shot on location in the parking lot, and if no " loyola " or "roll dons roll" logo is placed on the rear window you are manditorily whipped infront of all to see.


Your mom must drive a suburban and if you have a sister she must go to maryvale or NDP. Dating hold other guidlines including; must be anorexic, must tan daily, MUST attend private school or dad must make over , a year, ribbons must be worn and jewlery oversized.

Kairos is just a big circle jerk of guys finding thier "inner selfs" or their roomies asshole.

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If you dont play a sport you are seen as a loser, and if you dont get into college you must be kicked out to local public schools see Dulaney. Hey which one of those lacrosse teams is in the lead?

Loyola High Open House on Livestream

Loyola, but they got banned because the ran a drug test and they are all coke heads by ahme April 23,

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