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Thursday, October 10, 2019 4:49:22 AM

No comments Watch India vs Pakistan Asia Cup Cricket Match Live Online Although tomorrow is a working day in India, technology has made it possible to catch all the action on the India vs Pakistan match live on mobile phones A lot of trends come and go in India, but a cricket match between India and Pakistan never loses steam. The rise of 4G and affordable data plans as well as introduction of a lot of low-end an high-end smartphones in India has made it convenient for citizens to always stay connected. Indians now have the advantage of using up to 1. Asia Cup live streaming is available on Hotstar for free, so all cricket enthusiasts need to do is download the app or click here to watch it live on web browsers. Jio TV too provides users with an option to watch India vs Pakistan cricket match live online, but only for Jio Prime subscribers.

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Agreed that all of those have been against minnows - 5 against Zimbabwe and one tonight. But still, they cannot control over whom they play. Before these 6 games, they lost to New Zealand and that is how they started A mission which Pakistan would have wanted to achieve tonight.

Hong Kong is such an opposition where complacency can cost one team and given that other units would fancy themselves to defeat them by big margins, the Men In Green would have wanted to make a statement. The bowlers struggled initially but then smartly lined to bowling tight lengths and restricted Hong Kong to A short ball, around off, probably rises a shade but no issues for Malik as he pulls it with authority over mid-wicket to end the game.

It has barely lasted 60 overs.

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Pakistan cruise to victory in their AsiaCup opener! Imam-ul-Haq hits first ODI half-century off 69 balls. Aizaz Khan to Imam-ul-Haq, 1 run.

This is the 5th time in ODI cricket that he has reached 50 but the previous four before tonight have seen him convert those into triple figures.

A simple nudge through square leg to that small milestone. Scores are level now. Imam-ul-Haq plays it for a single! A boundary to conclude the over.

Up and over. Good use of the feet. Dances down, gets to the pitch of the flighted delivery and thumps it over mid on. Two bounces and into the fence. Moves to Pakistan need 3 to win.

With an excellent footwork. What a shot. Seemed like a top edge but dear me, it has gone all the way! A flat hit. A short ball, Imam rocks back and tries to pull. From the first look, it seems like he is hurried into the stroke and gets a top edge.

But no messrs, the ball flies over the mid-wicket fence. Ehsan Khan removes Babar Azam for Got him! Ehsan Khan has his second wicket. Just keeps the length a bit fuller than the previous one but Babar thinks it is there for the cut.

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Perhaps the ball stayed a touch low as well. An outside edge is induced and this time, Scott McKechnie behind does not fumble. A clean catch and a good one.

He immediately is up in celebration and now, the umpire does not disagree for a change. Nice to see the players celebrating and not being consumed by the match situation. More quick runs coming for Pakistan. Classic shot. Landed outside off, Azam goes back, waits for the ball to come to him and then dabs it behind point for a boundary!

Just 29 more to win now. What a shot! He pushes it down the ground with ease. Full and outside off, Azam comes down the track and drives it straight down the ground past mid on.

  • Chasing , Bangladesh succumbed to Afghanistan spinners to be bowled out for in
  • Finally, I got a chance today and I am very happy. We always knew it was better batting under lights.
  • Despite the opening batsman composing his maiden ODI hundred, Bangladesh suffered a collapse and were bowled out for a below par Fri, Sep 28 Bangladesh coach Steve Rhodes said that the year-old opener, with only 20 runs in 3 matches, 'hasn't quite done it yet' Tue, Sep 25 The Bangladesh captain reckons that his side has adapted well in the absence of key players and need to keep the pressure on India in the final Thu, Sep 27 Having poured cold water on the highly anticipated India-Pakistan finale clash, who is to say that Bangladesh don't have more surprises on the way?
  • The Men in Blue have won the Asia Cup title for the record seventh time in the nail-biting thriller on Friday night.
  • On Friday, the Super Four stage begins.
  • Hello and welcome As it happened: A very professional performance by Pakistan.

No one in the deep and that is a boundary. Massive, massive LBW shout! Oh dear Imam certainly seems to be riding his luck. This looked stone dead. Nadeem tossed this up from over the wicket and landed the ball in line of the stumps, at least, to the naked eye.

Imam seemed to play all around that one as he looked to flick but missed the ball and was hit right in front of the sticks.

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Nadeem appealed and appealed but umpire George simply shook his head. Hawk Eye shows that to be plumb. Perhaps, the umpire might have thought the ball pitched outside leg. Sad day for Hong Kong. Nothing seems to be going their way. Nice way to end a good over by Ehsan Khan.

Babar shows his class as he rocks quickly onto his back foot seeing the ball a bit short and wide of off, the right-hander cuts it immaculately through the point region.

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His foot work was classy there as he moved back and across so quickly to get into a perfect position to play that shot. The execution was even better from the world class batsman there.

Just 46 more to get now.

Azam stretches some muscles here. Fine shot.

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Tossed up slightly, Azam dances down the track and lofts this effortlessly over mid on. Goes all the way. And that has surprised everyone of us here. Ehsan Khan fires this one from around the wicket and angling into Imam.

The length is not short enough for the batsman to go back but that's exactly the mistake Imam has committed.

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The ball hits the deck and skids on with the arm hitting the batsman in front of the wickets. It looks very close as Hong Kong go up in a big appeal. The umpire gives it not out though to out surprise.

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Hong Kong has no choice but to go for the review. The replays roll in and show that the ball is very close to the bat as it is passes it and hits Imam's pads. There is no clear evidence of any involvement of the willow, however, the decision from upstairs it Not Out.

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