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I know this because Tyler knows this. Tyler had nothing to lose. Tyler was the pawn of the world, everybody's trash. The Second Rule of Project Mayhem is you do not ask questions The Fourth Rule of Project Mayhem is that you cannot lie Tyler didn't care if other people got hurt or not.

The goal was to teach each man in the project that he had the power to control history.

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We, each of us, can take control of the world. What Tyler says about the crap and the slaves of history, that's how I felt.

10 Screenwriting Lessons from Fight Club (Free Script Download)

I wanted to destroy something beautiful I'd never have. Burn the Amazon rain forests. Pump chlorofluorocarbons straight up to gobble the ozone. Open the dump valves on supertankers and uncap offshore oil wells. I wanted to kill all the fish I couldn't afford to eat, and smother the French beaches I'd never see.

I wanted the whole world to hit bottom. Pounding that kid, I really wanted to put a bullet between the eyes of every endangered panda that wouldn't screw to save its species and every whale or dolphin that gave up and ran itself aground.

Don't think of this as extinction.


Think of this as downsizing. For thousands of years, human beings had screwed up and trashed and crapped on this planet, and now history expected me to clean up after everyone.

I have to wash out and flatten my soup cans. And account for every drop of used motor oil. And I have to foot the bill for nuclear waste and buried gasoline tanks and landfilled toxic sludge dumped a generation before I was born.

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I wanted to breathe smoke. I wanted to burn the Louvre. I'd do the Elgin Marbles with a sledgehammer and wipe my ass with the Mona Lisa. This is my world, now. This is my world, my world, and those ancient people are dead. A cultural ice age. A prematurely induced dark age. Project Mayhem will force humanity to go dormant or into remission long enough for the Earth to recover.

  • The novel is told almost entirely in flashbacks. Some time before, the Narrator develops insomnia.
  • Reddit Abstract Abstract. In the following note from the classroom, the author describes a model for successfully employing the film Fight Club as a case study for exploring some of the theoretical concepts of Freud, Durkheim, and Weber.
  • The second thing they talk about is politics too. Third and fourth come questions of male identity and violence which are also, arguably, political questions.
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Like fight club does with clerks and box boys, Project Mayhem will break up civilization so we can make something better out of the world. This was the goal of Project Mayhem, Tyler said, the complete and right-away destruction of civilization.

Chapter 17[ edit ] You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everyone else, and we are all part of the same compost pile. Our culture has made us all the same. No one is truly white or black or rich, anymore. We all want the same. Individually, we are nothing.

And if you never know your father, if your father bails out or dies or is never at home, what do you believe about God?

Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

Maybe because God's hate is better than His indifference. If you could be either God's worst enemy or nothing, which would you choose? We are God's middle children, according to Tyler Durden, with no special place in history and no special attention.

Unless we get God's attention, we have no hope of damnation or redemption. Which is worse, hell or nothing? Only if we're caught and punished can we be saved. This way at least, God would know our names. The farther you run, the more God wants you back. Chapter 19[ edit ] You have a class of young strong men and women, and they want to give their lives to something.

Advertising has these people chasing cars and clothes they don't need. Generations have been working in jobs they hate, just so they can buy what they don't really need.

  • We have 10 lessons to shake up your world. Read on!
  • You have to trust Tyler. He resolves to stop Tyler and his followers when Bob, a friend from the testicular cancer support group, is killed during one of Project Mayhem's sabotage operations.
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  • You are on page 1of 1 Search inside document Fight Club is an american film of directed by David Fischer.
  • The book begins with a man named Tyler, who is holding a gun in the mouth of the narrator.

We don't have a great war in our generation, or a great depression, but we do, we have a war of the spirit. We have a great revolution against the culture.

The great depression is our lives. We have a spiritual depression. We have to show these men and women freedom by enslaving them, and show them courage by frightening them.

Chapter 20[ edit ] Raymond K. Hessel, your dinner is going to taste better than any meal you've ever eaten, and tomorrow will be the most beautiful day of your entire life. Chapter 22[ edit ] "Remember this," Tyler said.

We're the people who do your laundry and cook your food and serve your dinner. We make your bed. We guard you while you're asleep. We drive the ambulances.

We direct your call. We are cooks and taxi drivers and we know everything about you. We process your insurance claims and credit card charges.

We control every part of your life. And we're just learning this fact," Tyler said.

I was tired and crazy and rushed, and every time I boarded a plane, I wanted the plane to crash.

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