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Thursday, February 27, 2020 3:25:29 PM

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Adidas Fit Smart: Fitness Tracker Review

The big single button below is used to wake the unit out of standby, and during a workout it is used to create a lap single tap , or pause long hold.

Then, the real issue is with rain. For me, once rain starts, the screen becomes completely useless. That can be jiggling, getting stuck half-way in between pages, or any other non-responsive thing.

adidas Running and Wear OS by Google

In fact, even tonight during a lightly rainy run December 10th the screen was completely useless. I shot this video nearly a month ago, to show the conditions I was seeing to Adidas. Which, leads into a waterproofing item.

The unit is splash and rainproof, but is not submerge-proof. The sensor works by transmitting light into your capillaries at your wrist and then measuring blood flow.

When you start a run, the unit will take a few seconds to find your pulse. In almost every case it finds mine within seconds, sometimes within seconds. At this point, the unit simply displays and records your heart rate just like any other GPS watch on the market.

Note that while the sensor technology can sorta work underwater in my testing with the Alpha previously , as I mentioned previously the Adidas unit is not waterproofed for swimming or even much immersion not IPX7.

Take for example an interval run last week. Interval runs are good because my heart rate is frequently oscillating between high intensity and low intensity. Thus highlighting potential for error.

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First below is the Adidas unit with the optical heart rate. So, screenshots will have to do. Then, data from the same run with a traditional heart rate strap: Now, this run actually highlights something funny — when the traditional heart rate strap had some issues, which you see on the 4th interval.

In this case I had overdressed for the run and was drenched, so about half-way through the interval I looked down at the numbers and wiped away the sweat under the strap and it immediately corrected itself.

Thus in this specific case, optical performed better. Further, my wife, who has smaller wrists has also tried it out from time to time, and though it sometimes took the unit slightly longer to find her pulse than mine, once it found it she was good to go. Creation of workouts: In addition to just using the watch in free running mode, you can also create some basic workouts.

Below, I start off with my warm-up blue square , and then go into the yellow zone for hard and then red for really hard.

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Each of those has specified times you cannot specify distance. I can then specify how many repeats I want. I like that you can specify your long run day. Further, the ability to customize how many days you run per week is impressive too.

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Once you click to complete, these will then show up on your training calendar, and in turn, your device: Pretty cool stuff. Indoor use with a treadmill and the footpod : While the unit will report stride rate without a footpod, the unit does not at present calculate pace or distance without a footpod.

Adidas released one back in late October, and thus I went ahead and bought it to try out. The unit is tiny, and identical their past Speed Cell units what they brand their footpods. The unit will automatically calibrate the footpod based on your outdoor run.

You can adjust the distance here.

Adidas MiCoach Fit Smart Review

At this point, off to the treadmill you go. For fun, I ran the same test I always run for treadmill validation tests, just a simple pyramid going up and down. So it ends up being a cascading issue. There are ways to solve that, such as forcing distance on a run to a known value, then updating the calibration and sending it back to the unit.

Gym Training Mode non-running : In addition to the running modes, the Adidas Smart Run GPS also includes an incredibly comprehensive gym mode, aimed at assisting folks working out indoors in a facility doing all manner of different workouts.

Adidas Micoach smartwatch has heart

The unit has two core ways it can walk you through workouts. The first is through pre-canned workouts that Adidas has put together. The volume and variety of these workouts is fairly impressive. This includes both one-time single workouts as well as entire training plans.

You can click to play the video and get the short animation of that particular movement. As you iterate through the workout you can check off each component, right beside the reps for each component: Additionally, the timer will operate at the top of the workout for the duration of your workout.

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Given I can make my own workouts easily and mix and match, combined with the optical heart rate and music controlled from the wrist — this makes for a solid gym trainer. Music player via Bluetooth Headphones and other audio items : The MiCoach GPS is unique in the marketplace in that it allows you to playback music directly from the device to Bluetooth enabled headphones.

I ended up choosing the highest rated athletic-focused ones that I could find on Amazon, the Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth headsets. The unit also supports playlists copied to the unit but not made on the unit itself, which is fine. To do so, dive into the settings on the unit and go under Bluetooth: Once there put your headphones into pairing mode and let the Smart Run search for them: It only takes a second.

With that complete, you can swipe back to get to the music screen.

  • This wearable device tracks every step you take throughout your day.
  • Unlike other fitness trackers, such as the Fitbit and Jawbone Up , the Fit Smart does not count your steps or track your calories all day long.
  • We've got our hands on the new Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition and have been getting it sweaty for the past couple of weeks, including a run at the Semi de Paris half marathon.
  • Login to submit a review! Hardware As there's quite a lot going on in the hardware department, we'll just dive right in.

You can increase the volume by swiping down to get to the volume menu.

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