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Dotsiko Dotsiko is a village and a former community in Grevena regional unit , West Macedonia , Greece. Since the local government reform it is part of the municipality Grevena , of which it is a municipal unit; the village had 39 inhabitants in The municipal unit has an area of They are subdivisions of the country's 13 regions, further subdivided into municipalities, they were introduced as part of the "Kallikratis" administrative reform on 1 January and are comparable in area and, in the mainland, coterminous with the pre-"Kallikratis" prefectures of Greece Vehicle registration plates of Greece Greek vehicle registration plates are composed of three letters and four digits per plate printed in black on a white background.

The letters represent the district that issues the plates while the numbers begin from to ; as from , a blue strip was added on the left showing the country code of Greece in white text and the Flag of Europe.

Similar plates with digits beginning from 1 to are issued for motorcycles. With the exception of Athens and Thessaloniki , all districts are represented by the first 2 letters; the final letter in the sequence changes in Greek alphabetical order after 9, issued plates. The rule applies in a similar way in Russia , Belarus and Herzegovina and Bulgaria.

Up until Greek number plates were quite simple: black numbers on a white background, indicating the serial number shown on the car's license; these started at 1 and advanced to when the system was changed.

The owner had to provide the plates and specifications were minimal: the size of the plates and numbers, as well as their respective colours; this meant that plates were not uniform.

Taxis had to indicate the initial of the city.

Michael Gspurning [/14]

In it was compulsory for all vehicles to change to a new system. All these plates display "" in black characters on a white background using a smaller typeface in the top left corner; these plates were compulsorily withdrawn in NNNNNN could be any number from one to six digits starting once again with "1" and ending this time at about "", though not all numbers were allocated.


After the blue band on the front plate was abandoned and hence that plate became shorter in height; this time it was not compulsory to change plates after Hence these so-called "six-figure plates" can still be spotted on a few old vehicles. Again, they were black characters on white background but with a different typeface, it was not compulsory to change these plates.

Again, it was not compulsory to change to the newer system plates in In the euroband was added to the left and the typeface changed, in all other respects the previous system continued. The first 2 of 3 letters of a licence plate represent the prefecture where the car was registered.

It is divided into the regional units of Florina , Grevena and Kozani ; the region of Western Macedonia is situated in north-western Greece, bordering with the regions of Central Macedonia , Thessaly and bounded to the north at the international borders of Greece with the Republic of North Macedonia and Albania.

This is reflected in the population distribution, as a majority of the population lives in rural areas; the capital of the region is Kozani with 53, inhabitants.

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Other main towns are Ptolemaida , Grevena and Kastoria ; the Region has one operational Industrial Area in Florina and another one under construction in Kozani. The secondary sector is important for the Regional economy due to the mining activities, the production of electric power and the fur-leather sector.

Among them, the Technological Educational Institute plays an important role in supporting the regional research and educational efforts. On the other hand, the railroad network is insufficient and the two airports can only serve small passenger planes.

The telecommunication network has improved over the last decade, providing the regional population with adequate services and modern facilities; the last years the region is being developed in tourism on winter. It is the only Greek region without sea coast, but on the other side there are a lot of lakes, picturesque villages and two big ski centers in Florina and Grevena and one other under construction in Kozani; the administrative building of Western Macedonia region is located in Zone of Alternate Urban Planning in the city of Kozani.

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  • It would be the last organized migration of people from the Greek mainland to Libya and it happened in the mid-nineteenth century as some twenty thousand Muslim Greeks fled the Greek War of Independence, the accompanying persecution of Muslims and destruction of their holy places. As Crete left the orbit of the Ottoman Empire and became part of the fledgling Greek state, they abandoned their mountain villages and fishing ports in a Great Exodus that lacked a convenient national narrative of loss and exile to adopt it.
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The unemployment rate stood at As of the Region has the highest regional unemployment rate in the European Union ; as one of thirteen administrative regions, the Western Macedonia Region was established in , comprising the prefectures of Kastoria, Grevena and Florina.

In the absence of a working budget the administrative regions however remained unable to fulfill their limited responsibilities, until in they assumed the prefectures' competences in regard to tax collection, European structural funding and treasury.

Resulting from the Kallikratis Programme , prefectures were abolished and instead, the regions became self-governing bodies in their own right with powers and authority being redefined and extended.

Starting with the local elections , both the regional governor and the regional council have been popularly elected. From on, the elections are held together with the European Parliament elections for a five-year period.

Current regional governor is independent politician Theodoros Karypidis who beat incumbent Konstantinos Dakis of the New Democracy party in the 2nd round of the election; the region is divided into four regional units. It comprises 12 municipalities.

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Along with the neighboring Epirus region it is supervised by the Ioannina-based Decentralized Administration of Epirus and Western Macedonia ; the population of Western Macedonia was , according to the census.

Today, the region has a mixed population of Slavophone Greeks ; the former are concentrated in the towns Florina and Ptolemaida. There are around 1, Slavophones—approximately 0.

Other smaller communities include Arvanites ; the biggest towns in each regional unit, according to the census of Amyntaeo Argos Orestiko Deskati Florina Grevena Kastoria Kozani Ptolemaida Siatista Velvendos The University of Western Macedonia provides technical education to stimulate growth throughout the region, is located in Kozani and Florina.

Popular programs at the University in Florina include courses of study in the Pedagogic Department and the Department of Balkan studies; the Technological Ed Grevena Grevena is a town and municipality in Western Macedonia , Northern Greece , capital of the Grevena regional unit.

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The town's current population is 13, citizens, it lies about km from Thessaloniki. The municipality's population is 25, Grevena has had access to the Egnatia Odos since the early s, which now connects Igoumenitsa with Thessaloniki and Alexandroupoli at the border with Turkey.

Mountains surround the municipality, situated by the river Greveniotikos, which itself flows into the Aliakmon. Grevena Municipal Museum is located in the town. Under Ottoman rule, Grevena was the seat of the kaza of Grevena, Sanjak of Serfice , Manastir Vilayet ; the earthquake that occurred in the region on 13 May was 6.

The worst hit area was the county of Ventzia. There were two foreshocks of lesser intensity that preceded the main earthquake by a few minutes and warned people.

These warnings sent the population out of their houses.

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When the main earthquake came, it destroyed nearly all the houses in several villages of the Ventzia County — the houses collapsed to the ground — but all the inhabitants were outside. Another earthquake on 5 January measured 4.

It took place at local time, no damage was reported. Another earthquake with a measured intensity of 5. Some older buildings were damaged in villages northeast of Grevena; the municipality Grevena was formed at the local government reform by the merger of the following 13 former municipalities, that became municipal units: Agios Kosmas Avdella Dotsiko Filippaioi Gorgiani Grevena Irakleotes Mesolouri Perivoli Samarina Smixi Theodoros Ziakas Ventzio The municipal unit of Grevena is divided into the following communities: Agioi Theodoroi Amygdalies Elatos Elefthero Felli Kalochi Kyrakali Megalo Seirini Myrsina Rodia Syndendro Vatolakkos The community of Grevena consists of three separate settlements: Doxaras Grevena Kalamitsi The aforementioned population figures are as of In the area, there is large production of mushrooms, collected in the Valia Calda area.

Population statistics, Since the local government reform, it has been a municipal unit of Grevena , it is a seasonal Aromanian village at -- metres altitude. Its summer population is about ; the census recorded inhabitants.

It is notable as the birthplace of the Manakis brothers, appears in the opening sequence of the film Ulysses' Gaze ; the community of Avdella covers an area of The first foundation of Avdella remains unknown, it was connected to the creation of settlements on the mountain range of Smolikas with the delivery of veterinary surgeon activity of region.


In the beginning, Vlach families created small family settlements which were fused and became a single settlement such as current Avdella; the foundation and the growth of Avdella is associated with the rise of livestock-farming taking into account the pastoral habits of the locals.

Before , the village was situated in the "Fantines", but the residents large families of Vlach shepherds moved to the current position due to better climate. The first Romanian school in the region of modern Greece was founded in Avdella in by local Aromanian Apostol Margarit ; some authors claim that Avdella was a center of pro-Romanian sentiment in the beginning of the 20th century.

It is said to have been burned in October by Greek antartes because of this. Others claim it was a stronghold of Greek nationalism, contributing leaders such as Zisis Verros and Ioannis Hatzigiannis to the Greek forces in the Macedonian Struggle.

On 14 July , the village was burned again during their retreat.

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