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As with many other OTT TV providers, YouTube TV offers new subscribers a free trial period so you can watch five days of March Madness before deciding whether or not this is the answer to your basketball needs. The reason for this is big sporting events like this are geographically restricted so that only people resident within the host country can access coverage. Similarly, if you happen to be in Slovakia when the March Madness begins, you could connect to a server in America and live stream the matches straight to your mobile device.

Background and coverage breakdown[ edit ] Logo used until The new contract came amid serious consideration by the NCAA of expanding the tournament to 68 teams. The agreement, which runs through extended from in , [6] stipulates that all games are available nationally.

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All First Four games air on truTV. Since , rights to the Final Four and championship game alternate between Turner and CBS; the tournament marked the first time that the national championship game was not broadcast on over-the-air television.

All other games are available to authenticated subscribers to the channels on participating television providers.

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The tournament, with TBS televising the national semifinals and final, is the first in which those particular games are subject to authentication restrictions. In , CBS extended the selection show to a two-hour format; however, the new special was criticized by viewers for being too padded, while the full bracket was leaked shortly into the broadcast.

Beginning with , the selection show will return to a two-hour format, but the special aired on TBS instead, marking the first time since that the official bracket unveiling has not aired on CBS.

The current broadcasting arrangements, including alternating broadcasts of the semi-finals and final, will remain in force.

The corporate reorganization will not outwardly affect coverage of NCAA March Madness, which remains on the same networks. However, Turner Sports' senior vice president of production, Craig Barry, did expect such difficulties, and planned accordingly with the possibility of using talent from outlets associated with the team, general region, or their conference such as regional networks.

Beginning in , TruTV also began to air the preseason Coaches vs.

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