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This section's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. January Learn how and when to remove this template message The season follows the story of surgical residentsfellowsand attendings as they experience the difficulties of the competitive careers they have chosen. After the explosion at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, Chief Miranda Bailey Chandra Wilson finds it the perfect time to give the place a much needed upgrade in look and functionality. During the construction, Owen Hunt Kevin McKidd struggles with the shocking reunion with his sister, Megan Abigail Spencerwho was recently found in a hostage camp overseas.

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Were Mer and Marie able to bury the scalpel? Shortly, Helen explained that the volume on her mental illness had been turned down somehow.

And it helped if she kept to a routine. Rather than head right back to Seattle, Jo got Alex to hang out and hit baseballs for awhile. It let him blow off some steam. Not quite enough, though. He remained furious that his mom was fine now, when nobody needed her anymore.

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Some exceptionally fine work from Justin Chambers in that scene, no? Off his conversation with Jo, Alex returned to the library just to tell Helen that he was happy for and proud of her. At the end of the episode, Alex introduced his mom to Jo, and she invited Helen to the wedding.

To his credit, Alex was understanding when his mom said that travel was tough with her condition. Rather than speak with her, Grey beat a hasty retreat — all the way to the bar, where her order of coffee attracted the attention of a handsomish guy in a suit Say Anything co-star Loren Dean.

Turned out, he was in Seattle from L.

Or in the news when she won the Harper Avery? When at last he found out who she was, he said that she was so charming that it made it harder for him to hate her for wasting a year of his life. What the what?

Courtney E.

And he was clearly smitten, even flirting badly , asking if she had any pets. As Theresa tried to flee, Arizona attempted to remind her that without this procedure, her baby could be born paralyzed.

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But no, her dad had died way back when thus giving rise to her fear. Thankfully, the procedure went just fine. The couple kissed, and it appeared that that was that.

Rather than jump at the offer, Bailey hit the roof. Later, Miranda questioned Levi about, in essence, whether it had been right to fire Vik.

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In other words, welcome back, Vik! However, Miranda choked on her apology and instead told him how lucky he was to learn from doctors like her and Richard.

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But she was in too much pain to appreciate it. Rightly so, it turned out. Betty had flown the coop. Popular on TVLine.

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