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Thursday, February 27, 2020 11:06:01 PM

All three are at their best when on the ball and pushing forward, which too often leaves the shaky in its own right defense far too exposed. Sheffield United rock-solid defensively — For a newly promoted side to come up and hold the joint-best defensive record 7 goals conceded in 9 games, tied with Liverpool in the PL is no small accomplishment.

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Press sprints on.

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That appears to be the customary amount under our new V. Spain is pushing. Ertz is now slotted in as a fifth defender, a third center back.

Lindsey Horan is on for Lavelle. Ellis prepares her first. Carli Lloyd is at the touchline, waiting for a whistle so she can replace Morgan.

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Huuuuuuge cheers as Lloyd sprints on. Naeher down after a brave challenge. Naeher, who it should be noted has been much sharper since her early shakiness, charges out to punch away a ball headed for Torrecilla. They collide, and Naeher takes the worst of it. Same result. Rapinoe goes low and hard to the left again, and scores again.

Huge sighs of relief on the U. Spain may come to rue those three or four wasted minutes as they chase the game now. Rapinoe takes the ball from Morgan, who wanted it.

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As we said, it would have been very hard for the referee to take that back, since she saw it cleanly. Lavelle is brought down, and the U. Well here we go: that looked innocuous in real time, but replays show Lavelle — converging on a loose ball near the penalty spot — got kicked in the leg by Torrecilla and went down.

Leon just rolled the ball off the spot after Morgan placed it there. And the waiting works: Kulcsar makes the square and runs over to the sideline monitor. Morgan is getting mauled and Rapinoe has vanished from the game on the left. Christen Press would solve the second problem nicely, and Carli Lloyd might be the answer to the first.

Coach Ellis is currently seated on the bench, hands crossed. Spain has been more physical with the U. A couple of yellows, or a red, could change everything.

Heath rifles a shot over the bar. She gets up, but now Morgan is down. This time, it was a tangle of legs.

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Morgan appeals for a yellow, or at least a cop, but gets neither. No changes, that is, except the sun has broken through the clouds, which will only make it hotter down there.

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Morgan almost sprung Heath with a lead ball down the right, but Leon got there first and whacked it out of bounds. The score is tied but the United States was in control. In recent games — against Chile and Sweden — the U.

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But the early goal was a sign of intent, and the Spanish response will surely be a motivator. Spain had to use a sub early, and Torrecilla needed treatment after landing awkwardly just before halftime. The U.

The thing is, they still have to score. And strange things can happen in the knockout round. As the United States learned early, a single mistake can give away a goal at any moment.

And no one wants to go out like that. The problem for them is that the U. That seemed accidental, but she basically slapped the Spain right back as she tried to change direction and cut inside.

But still a yellow. The teams take advantage of the lull for a much-needed hydration break. She hits Hermoso with her clearance and needs to scramble to get the loose ball to Dunn. A minute later she charges out to head a clearance just before Hermoso arrives yet again, but the first half hour here is a good reminder that Naeher has had almost nothing to do in this tournament.

Lavelle just took a giveaway on a throw-in and raced up the middle. But with Heath on her right and Morgan chasing to catch up on the left, Lavelle goes left, too heavy, and the chance rolls harmlessly out of bounds.

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Heath, ignored, put both hands to her forehead. Lavelle with a gorgeous pass that splits open the Spain defense and leads Rapinoe perfectly on the left wing. GREAT chance, but the teams are really flying now. The Americans will need to move quickly, because whenever they slow up, Spain drops all 10 players behind the ball, clogging any gaps.

A mistake by Naeher! Well that was fast.

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Naeher with a lazy clearance that catches Sauerbrunn short with Lucia Garcia closing her down.

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