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  • I think There is a Mandarin and Cantonese version. Synopsis: According to legend, there lived a horde of goblins and monsters in the depths of the primeval forest.
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  • Plot[ edit ] Abbott Fahai and his assistant Neng Ren meet an ice harpy at the top of a mountain.
  • The film stems from an ancient Chinese legend filled with monsters, mountains, and other mythical creatures. Among these, are white and green snake demons.

Super easy Pick your movies, watch when you want, return, and repeat. The best titles The best movies and TV shows, plus weekly new releases. There is frequent martial arts-style violence throughout the film -- characters do battle with swords and knives, and, in one instance, send thousands of bats at a character -- but what is most troubling for younger or more sensitive viewers is the nightmarish imagery throughout the film.

The Sorcerer And The White Snake Mobile Movie Hindi Dubbed

Demon images -- bat-demons and snake-demons, for instance -- frequently appear, and in one scene the monk does battle in a hellish landscape of lakes of fire and spewing lava.

Also, early in the film, two beautiful snake-women are shown very close to one another, holding one another in a provocative manner.

The Sorcerer and the White Snake hindi dubbed Chinese movie hd

This is an excellent film that is best for teens and older. Sexual Content Early in the movie, two snake-women -- with human bodies above the waist and snake bodies below the waist -- are shown caressing each other and holding each other close.

After eating them, he does not feel hungry for the next three days so he goes back to ask the vendor why.

There also are kissing scenes between a man and a woman. Violence Frequent martial arts-style violence.

Legend of the White Snake

Characters fight with swords and knives. Characters do battle with ferocious-looking demons, including a nightmarish bat-demon that sends thousands of bats to do battle with a man.

The Sorcerer and the White Snake ()

A demon is shown being stabbed in the neck. A man who knows he's on the verge of turning into a demon is shown trying to hang himself with a rope. Language Not applicable Social Behavior Although it's mostly too over-the-top as a martial arts fantasy to have much in the way of positive messages, the transformative powers of love are shown through discussion and action as the movie progresses.

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