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Their schedule includes hundreds of live televised sporting events to suit a whole range of different tastes, spread across their brand new selection of dedicated channels. They also changed their subscription model to give you more control and enable you to only subscribe to the channels you want. Or alternatively, you can choose to receive the entire bundle. Sky Sports Main Event As the name suggests, this channel shows what are considered to be the biggest events of the day.

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The NFL is the global leader in revenue. That number is up 14 percent from , tied for the largest jump amongst the top most valuable teams. The Super Bowl is 18 of the top 20 programs.

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With so many people watching the Super Bowl, the networks command ever-increasing ad rates for and second commercials.

The league became the second sports league to exceed that threshold. Baseball teams collect millions of dollars each year from regional TV networks. However, not all teams are big winners in their regional TV deals. One franchise sets the example of how to profit big off of the deals.

Globe Life Park, home of the Texas Rangers. The after-effects of these types of contracts are massive. Five of the top 10 TV revenue teams also rank in the top 10 in payroll. Attendance is a major revenue stream for Major League Baseball.

Attendance dropped four percent in the , creating the lowest overall league attendance since It is unclear how much the cost of attending a game is affecting the attendance numbers. The decrease in attendance also affects concessions sales.

The contracts run through the season. Raptor the mascot of the Toronto Raptors holds a sign at center court imploring fans to make noise.

Unlike baseball, fans have been filling seats in NBA arenas like never before. The league set attendance records, including total attendance, average attendance and sellouts, for the fourth straight season.

More than 22 million fans attended games in the season, and it was the first time attendance filled more than 95 percent of arena capacity. Merchandise sales set new marks in the season, increasing 25 percent from the previous year.

In , the league signed a broadcasting agreement with Rogers Communications for Canadian TV rights. It is the most lucrative media rights real in the history of Canadian television. These TV revenues are split between all 31 teams in the league. European football leagues have massive international followings, which boosts the amount of money that can be made.

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Paul Pogba of Manchester United is one of the biggest stars in the global league. The rest is from overseas rights.

Since , the average attendances numbers for Premier League clubs rose from 34, in to 38, in and are the highest cumulative attendance in Europe. The top most-watched television broadcasts of all time in India are cricket matches. That figure represents a percent increase from It runs through The media rights deal was a response to the IPL matches drawing 1.

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Attendance numbers are also among the top sports globally. Australian Rules Football Australian Rules Football draws some of the biggest crowds in the world, bringing in an average of 36, fans per game during the season.

All matches except the AFL final are broadcast on Foxtel. Mathewson is a junior journalism student at Arizona State University. Related Articles.

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