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Sunday, January 12, 2020 3:50:02 PM

I was blind to it. That pathway is the Cape Cod Baseball League. I fell in love with the idea and have never looked back.

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Early-morning runs and lifts in the offseason. Weekends spent on the bus or in airports with paper and exam deadlines within arms' reach. Summer is hardly any different, and a new school year is approaching fast.

Four Southern Miss student-athletes shared their journeys with us on how they are preparing for life after sports.

York Revolution: Internships Success Stories

I applied for this internship for multiple reasons. First, I am studying Broadcast Journalism and want to work in sports. Through this internship I have had a hands-on experience learning about planning, creating and publishing content.

Another reason I wanted this internship is because of my love for soccer.

Game Day Staff

What better way to spend my summer than get to watch all of the FC Dallas games on the sideline? In an ideal world, 10 years from now I will be working for a professional sports team or a sports broadcasting network as a reporter and host. This summer I also worked out, ran, played soccer, hung out with friends and spent time with my family.

Student Reporter & Producer Bios

I like to cook and read, but I don't have a lot of time to do these during the school year, so I definitely got my fair share of doing those two things as well.

Being that my degree is in Banking and Finance, it seemed like a beneficial idea to get connected to a local bank and get my feet wet as this is something my career might be in down the road.

It's been a tremendous experience learning so far this summer. My goal in years is continue in the financial field but hopefully be apart of a professional sports organization, whether that be in the front office or working for a financial company that helps with athletes handle their money.

Emerging Careers in Sports: Job Options, Salaries, & Resources

Ashley Berry Volleyball, Senior I did creative editing for "The Break", wrote web stories, worked on the assignment desk, recorded stand ups, shadowed production, went out with reporters, wrote scripts for packages and pitched story ideas.

I worked from 7 a. Mondays and Wednesdays. I was actually a Kinesiology major and that just wasn't working out, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to switch to if I were to change my major.

So through a misunderstanding in practice, "The Breakdown with Berry" was born.

Internships & Scholarships

I was enjoying that more than my actual classes. I ended up changing my major to broadcast journalism which led me to pursue this internship. So basically, one big misunderstanding landed me in my dream field that I would've never imagined myself working in.

Outside of Fox, I spent my summer getting reps in at my old volleyball club Houston Juniors , working out at F45, binge-watched shows that I missed out on during the school year and visited family.

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