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Thursday, January 23, 2020 11:45:11 PM

XM will have the most SEC games on the radio with coast-to-coast live broadcasts of the University of Arkansas, University of Georgia, University of Kentucky, Mississippi State University, University of Mississippi and University of Tennessee football, basketball, and other sports starting in fall For each school, XM plans to air every regular-season football game, the vast majority of basketball games, and other sports, plus comprehensive coverage of the SEC football and basketball championships. Our fans will be able to listen to their favorite schools on a branded SEC channel that will feature programming from our schools and the conference. As the official satellite radio provider for the SEC, XM is extending its position as the leader in college sports on radio. XM will also produce programs throughout the week covering the SEC.

FOX Sports Launches Exclusive New SiriusXM Channel

Fantasy leaguers from coast-to-coast can tune in for the latest fantasy sports news, stats and injury updates and call in to the hosts for advice on drafts, trades, waiver wire moves and other fantasy sports matters.

SiriusXM Set to Start Soccer Channel

Hosts will conduct mock drafts and furnish player rankings, player of the week picks and more. Access to channel online and through the App may require a subscription upgrade.

Jones-Drew, who is an avid fantasy football player, will take calls from listeners, manage his own fantasy football team on the show, and share his first-hand knowledge on the best fantasy football performers from around the league.

Maryland Sports Radio Network

Call Maurice for advice that comes straight from the gridiron. Roenick, an outstanding and outspoken center for 18 NHL seasons and only the third American-born player to score goals, will take calls from fantasy hockey fans each week and offer unparalleled advice and insight into the game and its players.

Each show will be co-hosted by RotoExperts. SIRIUS XM will also leverage its position as the leader in audio entertainment to bring together other celebrity fantasy sports enthusiasts from the worlds of music, entertainment and sports, who will contribute to the channel in various ways, including participating in celebrity fantasy leagues and hosting fantasy sports shows.

SIRI plans to target football crazy fans by launching a channel from next Monday onwards which will only provide football related news, discussion, expert opinion and live commentary to its listeners. The new service will be available on channel 94 and it will also be available to other smartphone and tablet users who have downloaded the Sirius XM Internet Radio Apps.

We will present a daily listening experience that is informative, and always engaging and entertaining. Matt Camp and Joe Dolan will be the weekend hosts. For more information visit www.

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