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Sunday, January 5, 2020 6:41:07 AM

There's a simple, picture-based interface, which means that your kids shouldn't be badgering you for help all the time. There are thousands of episodes to choose from, with plenty of content for kids of all ages, from babies up to teens.

How to get Sky Sports

Head to a friend's house If you've got a friend with Sky or BT Sports, invite yourself round to keep them company while they watch the big game. Don't go empty handed; offer to do the beer run, or bake a nice cake.

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Go to the pub OK, so it's not going to be completely free. If you stand staring at the big screen without a drink in your hand for long enough, you'll probably be asked to leave.

7 easy ways to watch live sport for free

But you can still enjoy the game for the cost of a pint or two. You can find which pubs near you are showing sport by checking the Match Pint website or by downloading their app. Even better, if you check into the pub you're at with the Match Point app, you could get rewards like 2 for 1 drinks or even a free pint.

Sports TV Guide, Listings, Schedule, Programme

Check your broadband package If you've got a broadband and TV bundle, you may already have some sports channels included.

Sky Sports Mix lets you watch a combination of highlights and live sport. You'll get it for free whether you're a new or existing customer, on Sky and Virgin If you're looking to switch broadband provider , check to see which suppliers include sports channels in the cost of your package.

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Check your mobile contract Depending on which network provider you're with, you might get Sky or BT Sport thrown in with your monthly contract: EE give pay monthly customers BT Sport for three months, free.

Their website has full details.

  • With TV only: Sky Oliver M, via email Sky Sports is the go-to service for fans of footie, cricket, rugby, and golf alike - but heaven knows it ain't cheap, and all the options get a bit complicated.
  • Users can watch Live Football and see guides, player profiles, match stats. All free to air channels will work without a card, with the exception of Channel 4, Channel 5's all 3 of them and Sky 3, these are the only " free "channels that are still encrypted, and still need a card to view.
  • Having played and watched football all my life I find it infuriating that the camera zooms into the players feet the last 20 yards when he receives the ball on the wing.
  • Their schedule includes hundreds of live televised sporting events to suit a whole range of different tastes, spread across their brand new selection of dedicated channels.

It's rare they include Sky Sports channels, but it's always worth checking it to see if that changes. You'll need the Now TV app to be able to watch Sky Sports channels, but you can get this for free on a range of devices.

Just download it from your app store and start streaming.

Sky Sports TV Guide What now? Sounds ideal, right?

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