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Please try again later. He has also been referred to as the God of music, poetry, art, medicine, knowledge, plague and archery. The alphabetical, Greek Goddess list below is designed to contain brief facts about each of the main Goddesses. Beautiful Greek Women and Girls Top After a chilly day of collecting, scoring, and processing the ripened fruits, Diane heads to the kitchen to whip up an olive feast.

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By David Botti, Christoph Koettl, Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Malachy Browne The deadly ambush in October happened on a continent still largely viewed through the lens of humanitarian catastrophes — a place where most Americans are accustomed to expending dollars, not lives.

A military report on what happened, which was supposed to be released in January, is still under review. A draft of the report has called for the Pentagon to scale back the number of ground missions in West Africa, and to strip commanders in the field of some authority to send troops on potentially high-risk patrols.

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Perhaps even more significantly, the ambush has exposed holes in the argument that the Pentagon has made under three different administrations: that in many far-flung places, American troops are not actually engaged in combat, but just there to train, advise and assist local troops.

After the ambush, members of Congress from both parties said they knew little about the American military presence in Niger, expressing alarm.

There are actually about American troops in the country. On the same episode, the Senate Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer of New York, said he had also been unaware that there were so many American troops in Niger. He called into question whether the authorization passed in the wake of Sept.

Who knows?

Aaron J. It can trace its lineage in the armed forces to the War of The idea pains their father. Staff Sgt.

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Dustin M. Wright U. The streets have names like Rudolph Way and December Drive. At Christmas time, he played Santa Claus for his family. Growing up, he was always trying to outdo his brother, a stellar athlete. He was not a natural star but, urged on by his father, he was a tenacious competitor and was in the starting lineup when he was a senior, the year his Bulldogs beat their rivals.

He briefly attended Georgia Southern University as a mechanical engineering major. But he came home and worked on gutters, finding the life unfulfilling.

He told his best friend, Alton Bass, that he wanted to join a Special Forces unit. Bass recalled.

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His buoyant swagger helped hide a fear: he hated parachuting. But he sent his girlfriend a video from one jump. Wright built an addition to his home, below, as a shrine to his son. A few days before the ambush — on Sept.

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She missed the call, so he left a message. Ten days later, two soldiers came to Ms.

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As soon as she saw them, she knew. She still has the message that her grandson left on his birthday. Members of Congress gathered on the steps of the Capitol the day after the attacks. Days later, they voted overwhelmingly to commit the military to an open-ended hunt for the perpetrators and their allies.

It was raining, and the cathedral was teeming with dignitaries. Bush, Jimmy Carter and Gerald R. Ford exchanged solemn handshakes.

There were many hugs in the cavernous room, but little chatter.

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Everyone still looked shellshocked and frozen. Lee was in the same teary, emotional state that seemed to have engulfed everyone in Washington. The cousin of her chief of staff had been on United Airlines Flight 93, the airliner that had crashed near Shanksville, Pa.

When the dean of the cathedral, the Very Rev. Nathan D. Baxter, spoke from the pulpit, Ms.

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  • Nicola Townsend, 50, threw the device at Terence Townsend, 78, after becoming frustrated by how he was speaking to her at his home in Bath. The control hit his head causing an injury and, when he went into the kitchen to tend to his wounds, she pushed him over and broke several of his ribs.
  • Londoners David and Eileen Connors, their three-month old son Tommy, David's brother Michael, his wife Grace and two-year-old twin girls, were all deported and banned from returning for five years. The family had been on a fishing trip near Vancouver when they claim they swerved to avoid an animal and got confused, heading down the wrong track by mistake.
  • As with George Bailey and Clarence in It's a Wonderful Life , Oliver shows Amy how important she is to the people in her life, particularly her divorced mom, her paternal grandfather David Huddleston , and her best friend who's a lot more troubled than Amy realizes. The twist is that Oliver himself committed suicide and, as a punishment, was forced to roam the world for years afterward, witnessing the repercussions of his action.

Lee scribbled his words on her program. Lee said, she knew how she was going to vote on the war authorization measure before the House that night. Lee looked up after voting. There was only one red light — hers.

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All the other lights were green. Several of Ms. She was from a military family and had grown up near Fort Bliss, in El Paso.

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Among all the hate mail and death threats that she received in the weeks after, Ms. Lee was the only member of the House to vote against the war authorization measure. The mood in Congress has also changed since that night when the House voted in favor of the resolution. Lee has found many more colleagues in Congress with reservations.

Last June, when she made another of her many attempts to repeal the war authorization, a majority of the members of the House Appropriations Committee supported her. The committee approved Ms. The debate over the authority continued in the Senate until mid-September, only a few weeks before the ambush in Niger.

On Feb. Boehner, then the speaker of the House. Citing the War Powers Act — not the war authorization, which the administration was already under fire for using too often — the president said the Pentagon would deploy 40 troops to Niger to set up a drone base, conduct reconnaissance flights and help facilitate intelligence gathering for French forces in Mali.

The troops, and others to follow, would also provide training and assistance for local Nigerien forces, he said. Many lawmakers are focusing broadly on the resolution, the overarching blanket that has been used to justify the deployment of many American troops in hot spots around the world.

Lee says she plans to try again this year. Cole said that American troops should be in West Africa.

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Cole said. Michelle Black receiving a flag at the graveside service for her husband, Staff Sgt. Bryan C. Black, at Arlington National Cemetery.

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Black planned parts of his memorial service before he deployed to Niger. In the song, Tim Finnegan dies from a fall. Hans Zeiger, a Washington state senator who was a few years behind him in school, remembers being awed by his intellect.

Sergeant Black was fiercely competitive. After a chess tournament in which his brother won a trophy and he did not, he spent the entire summer after fourth grade learning how to perfect his game. Black U. Army Special Operations Command Many years later, he taught himself obscure local dialects so he could communicate with people he met on far-flung deployments in the military.

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