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Share shares Restarting by themselves or not charging properly were issues found to take a toll on people's wellbeing. And one in seven Americans has even thrown their phone across the room in frustration after it failed to function properly.

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Half of the 2, individuals in the study reported they have also yelled at a piece of technology and 16 percent have been reduced to tears. A team from 24 Hour fitness surveyed 2, Americans to understand just big of an effect technology malfunctions can have.

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Many have reported physical alignments brought on by the stress of technology breakdowns A fifth reported arguing with partners because of technology fail and a third have been sent into stress-filled frustrations if they experienced a disturbance while streaming a movie.

What appears to be even more alarming is that stress from technology breakdown is found to have a physical effect.

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Four in ten adults report stiff necks brought on by stress, one in four are plagued by achy joints and muscles and over a quarter suffer from stress-induced migraines.

The drivers remembered less about what they have seen along the way — and struggled to retrace the route when asked to drive it again without the aid of the sat-nav.

Another study found that museum-goers given digital cameras remembered objects they had photographed less well than other exhibits.

Other research suggests that the vast amounts of information available on Google may fool us into thinking we are smarter than we actually are. However, many of these individuals felt the need to battle stress with gym workouts, yoga and getting extra rest — remedies experts say are among the best.

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At 24 Hour Fitness, we believe the time you spend in the gym helps make the life you lead outside the best it can be, and that includes helping you deal with the daily stress of technology breakdown,' said Mike Carney, vice president, marketing, 24 Hour Fitness.

The survey revealed that most vulnerable place for tech stress is in work environments. More than half of those polled said tech stress often strikes when they are up against the clock on a deadline, or need things done fast.

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The survey also reveals that 31 percent of people have found the secret weapon to beat the stress - working out. The most popular methods to reduce stress were found to be walking or listening to music One in seven has missed an important work deadline because technology failed them.

However, the survey also reveals that 31 percent of people have found the secret weapon to beat the stress - working out. The most popular methods to reduce stress were found to be walking or listening to music.

And 57 percent feel a mental boost from working out, whereas found in ten experience emotional benefits. The 'workout effect' as a solution to combat tech stress that lasts for over four hours, according to experts at 24 Hour fitness.

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