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Thursday, January 2, 2020 10:06:29 PM

It's a question that will send sports fans into a spin: who would win in a competitive match between the men's and women's national soccer teams? But US soccer hero Landon Donovan already knows the answer: the women. Donovan - one of the best players America has produced in men's soccer — believes the World Cup winning women's national side could beat their male counterparts, but not without a fight. And to ramp up the confrontation we asked two of the women's national team what they thought and they agreed: the nation's World Cup-winning women are better than the men. Donovan told Daily Mail Online in an exclusive interview: 'I think it's safe to say the women are on top of the world right now, they would beat the men quite handily - but not without a fight.

"Vile Orgy" by British Soccer Players Mars Thailand's Image

The FA is concerned that the ease of getting to Portugal, compared to Russia last year for the World Cup, and the mixing of fans, with Holland, Switzerland and Portugal also taking part, may be problematic. Up to 18, England fans are expected to go.

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Harry Maguire joined the call for England supporters to behave. While at Hull City in , the defender flew to France with friends to watch England play at the European Championship. The FA has also launched a video highlighting the issue of anti-social behaviour.

Harry Maguire went to Euro with his mates.

Brazil transgender soccer team fights prejudice

Now he has scored in the World Cup quarter final just 2 years on. There are also continued concerns over the chants and songs the England fans follow.

Americans have a winning mentality that automatically ensures that whatever team they put out will be competitive.

And it is an easy tag to hang on it, but that is really what it is. Football, for me, has always mirrored society and there is at the moment a lack of respect, with certain places, and you can see it in the city centres.

It is not that different. That is very dangerous. But it would be stupid to say that we had not recognised that groups of young, adult males booking together are the ones we are more concerned about. It is that holiday, stag-do culture where young guys get together and suddenly anything goes.

Some claiming to be England fans do not even go to the games.

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  • Brazil transgender soccer team fights prejudice In this May 13, photo, transgender Caua Fraga, 23, shows the tattoo on his chest that reads in Portuguese "Resistance", before a training session with the Bigtboys transgender men's football team in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
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  • The talent pool is improving, but it might be a little too late.

And they have spent a fortune.

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