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The colorful interface, beautiful typography, and simplicity made it grand. Live Preview From ancient time people play and watch different types of games for amusement and feel attraction for it. Sports is a free Bootstrap sports template for multipurpose gaming websites. The main purpose of it is to provide necessary information about games and sports.

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Follow About The new Layout Manager makes it easy to create great looking websites using a graphical user interface. A variety of "widgets" can be added and moved around, and the site can be styled change colours, backgrounds and fonts.

A full preview mode means that you can view all your changes before publishing them to your website. Key concepts There are three parts that make up an overall site design: The Home Page template: This controls how the home page is layed out i.

ScoresPro Cricket LiveScore

It is important to note that this template must be set up separately to the home page - e. As you make changes, click the Save button.

You can browse to any page you wish in the normal way, and only you will see your recent changes. It is important to understand that in Preview mode the latest saved versions of the templates and style editor will apply.

Close the Preview window when you are finished. Note: Previewing your site sets a special cookie on your machine that is cleared when you close the preview window. If you don't close the window you may be 'stuck' in Preview mode when you visit the site normally.

You can always clear the cookie by closing your browser and all windows totally, then re-opening. Each must be done separately, and changes will immediately be available on your web site. Previewing and Publishing can also be done from the Site Layout Manager page.

Editing your templates Click the Edit link of the template you wish to edit from the Layout Manager page.

If this is the first time you have edited the template, the default template will load. Template Layout A template is divided into three main sections which span the width of the page - header, main content, and footer.

Within the Main content section you can have one column that spans the entire width , or two columns either left aligned or right aligned. If available, choose the number of columns from the selector at the top of the screen. If this selector is not visible, this feature has been locked.

Ultimate Live Cricket WordPress Lite

It is best to choose your number of columns before you start, as changing later may mean you need to set up the content area again. Adding rows and widgets A widget is something that you can add to your layout which will display various content or information.

How To Add Live Cricket Score in Your WordPress Website

Before you can add a widget to a layout you must first add a row to the bottom of the section you are working with. A row can contain one, two, or three "cells" of varying width depending on your requirements.

You can create your own cricket score sheet template and customize it as needed.

Select the number of cells and click OK. The row will be added underneath.

Cricket Score Sheet: Free Download, Create, Edit, Fill and Print

The widget selection screen will popup. Select the widget and enter the required configuration information see list of widgets below for help with this. Click OK to add the widget to the row. Repeat the process for other widgets and rows in the three sections of the page.

Editing widgets To edit a widget's configuration, click the Edit button round cog at the top right hand corner of the widget as viewed within the template. Change the necessary information and click OK.

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Note, if the Edit button is not visible it means that the widget cannot be configured. Deleting widgets To delete a widget, click the Delete button red cross at the top right hand corner of the widget as viewed within the template.

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Click OK at the confirmation popup. Note, if the Delete button is not visible it means that the widget cannot be deleted this usually means it has been made compulsory by your governing organisation.

Deleting an entire row To remove an entire row , click the Delete button red cross at the top right hand corner of the row as viewed within the template. Deleting a row will also delete any widgets contained within the row. Note, if the Delete button is not visible it means that the row cannot be deleted this usually means it has been made compulsory by your governing organisation.

Moving widgets and rows Widgets may be moved to another position within the same row by selecting anywhere within the widget and dragging to another position. The styles manager allows you to control many of the core styles for your website. If this is the first time you have edited the styles, the defaults will load.

Note: styles affect all pages on your site home and non-home. It does not apply to the background of the site content itself Background Colour - Sets the website background colour Background Image - Allows an image to be used for the site background.

This will be visible to the left and right of the main content bot not behind the content. Note - care should be taken to use an image with as small file size as possible to ensure the site loads quickly Background Repeat - Can optionally be set if using a background image.

Live Scores for Football, Cricket, Rugby, Golf, Tennis, Darts, Racing & F1

The image can be set to either not repeat, or repeat horizontally, vertically, or both. Text Size - The font size for the menu text in points pt Font Family - The font used throughout your website headings, news items, menu and body text Note: If you have a larger number of menu items it is recommended to set a small padding Widgets Widgets are areas of a page that can output certain content or functionality, below is a list of all the widgets available using the new Layout Manager: Banner Insert text or an image that displays as the banner of your website.

A link can also be set for the banner, by default the banner displays your club name in text and links to the site home page. The menu can be multiple levels deep and will scroll horizontally if it exceeds the site width, however it is recommended that you limit the top level of your menu to items.

The menu padding, font size and colours can be updated via the Styles Manager.

  • Fortunately, website design has come a long way in the last few years.
  • The App Reskin Service includes the following: 1.
  • You have come to the right place. Cricket is a beautiful sport that is enjoyed by millions of people around the globe.
  • Sunny Kumar Live Cricket Score is a plugin which helps you to show the feeds of live cricket news directly into your wordpress website. There are various plugins which are available for free.

Image Content Inserts an image that displays on your website. A destination link can also be set for an image via the widget. Note: Images will scale to fit within the widget area however it is recommended that you resize images to the correct dimensions prior to uploading them to the file manager.

Photos taken directly from digital cameras and phones will normally be too big in both dimensions and file size to use directly without re-sizing or optimisation.

Using the Site Layout Manager

Overflow content is handled via a scroll bar however, to ensure content is displayed neatly on the page, it is recommended that you avoid using set widths within your html. View your YouTube playlist 2.

Click Share 4. Twitter Inserts a feed from your designated Twitter account. To set the twitter account you will need to enter your twitter handle. To obtain your Twitter handle: Go to your Twitter page e.

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