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How to Learn Shaolin Kung Fu for Free Online

  • The first is Look Out, Officer!
  • He was dubbed the Jim Carrey of Hong Kong by American critics, but that completely misses his appeal.
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  • Published: 06 October, Shaolin kung fu is a Chinese martial art that was studied in Chinese temples from around A.
  • Chow accepted the offer, and the project eventually became Kung Fu Hustle.
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Updated: 16 Jun , FEW footballers have produced as many jaw-dropping moments of magic and controversy as Eric Cantona. Here's everything you need to know about the Manchester United legend who returns to Soccer Aid Eric Cantona was born in Marseille on May 24, , and began his professional football career with Auxerre.

Already an established French international, Cantona helped to fire the Yorkshire club to the final ever old First Division title, and scored the first hat-trick in the Premier League.

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A move to Manchester United followed, and under the management of Alex Ferguson the Frenchman became one of the club's true icons. Red Devils fans, who affectionately referred to him as "King Eric", voted Cantona the club's greatest ever player in a poll by Inside United magazine.

As outspoken and opinionated off the pitch as he was outrageous on it, he made an attempt to gather support for a French presidential bid in The fiery Frenchman reacted in typically uncompromising fashion by kicking out at his opponent, and was shown a red card.

As he trudged off the pitch, Palace fan Matthew Simmons ran down 11 flights of stairs to hurl abuse at Cantona, who responded by launching a kung-fu-style kick into the crowd.

Kung Fu Soccer (TV Series

Cantona received an eight-month ban from football and admitted a charge of assault, receiving hours community service. What has Eric Cantona done since retiring from football?

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Following his shock retirement in at the age of just 30, Cantona became an actor on screen and stage. Most notably for his British fans, he starred in 's biopic Elizabeth starring Cate Blanchett and had a major role as himself in 's Looking for Eric.

  • Though Stephen Chow is currently the most popular actor in Hong Kong, most North Americans have probably never seen one of his films. This is about to change.
  • After a fateful mistake costing his career, an ex-soccer player bum meets a shaolin kung fu student trying to spread the word of kung fu. The ex-soccer pla.
  • Check it out!
  • Kong Debao, a soccer enthusiast and executive director of the SMK Kungfu Soccer Club, told METRO on Wednesday that by bringing the merits of kungfu onto the soccer pitch, he hopes players will become more agile and develop stronger minds, improving weaknesses among Chinese soccer players. Kong gave up his clothing business in Heilongjiang province to start the soccer club in
  • Watch Kung Fu Hustle "So many gangsters The movie was produced, written, and starring Stephen Chow.
  • I can't tell the exact number, but if you search "Shaolin" in the Internet Movie Database, there are nearly movies with the word "Shaolin" in the title.

He has acted in various other French film and TV productions, donning an eye-catching and headline-making fat suit for 's The Overeater. Cantona maintained an involvment in football by becoming the captain of the French beach soccer team, which also featured his brother Joel.


What are Eric Cantona's most famous quotes? Following the kung-fu kick incident Cantona delivered a press conference to the expectant media which has gone down in folklore.

Instead of directly referring to the incident, he gave the oft-analysed assessment of: "When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.

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