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Division I. Playing a Division-I format, the team that won doubles earned one point, and each singles victory also earned a point.

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A study, from the University of Glasgow and reported Monday, Oct. The results raise fresh concerns about head-related risks from playing the sport — at least for men at the pro level.

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They compared the causes of death of 7, Scottish men who played soccer with 23, similar men from the general population born between and Over a median of 18 years of study, 1, players and 3, of the others died. The players had a lower risk of death from any cause until age However, they had a 3.

In absolute terms, that risk remained relatively small — 1. Former players also were more likely to be prescribed dementia medicines than the others were.

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Robert Stern, a Boston University scientist who has studied sports-related brain trauma, wrote in a commentary published in the journal. The findings in professional players may not apply to recreational, college or amateur-level play, or to women, Stern noted.

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It is important that the global football family now unites to find the answers and provide a greater understanding of this complex issue.

Campaigning to discover more about the long-term impact of head injuries in soccer has been led in England by the family of former England striker Jeff Astle, whose death at age 59 in was attributed to repeatedly heading heavy, leather balls.

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In , a British study of brains of a small number of retired players who developed dementia highlighted the degenerative damage possibly caused by repeated blows to the head. The AP is solely responsible for all content.

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