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A sports physical allows Dr. Weaver can help you prepare for a successful season and help you make necessary modifications. The sports physical gives your child the opportunity to get treatment before their first practice.

Sports Physical: When, Where, Who Should Do It?

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Sports Physicals What is a sports physical? Sports physicals are generally mandatory and must be performed before your child can begin fall or summer sports.

Sports physicals are important because they allow your doctor to identify anything that might put your child at increased risk of injury or illness.

What happens during a sports physical? Next is an eye exam. Your doctor determines if your child is in need of prescription lenses or if changes should be made to their current pair. The final part of a sports physical is the fitness test.

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Your doctor checks for any physical limitations, as well as signs of underlying conditions like asthma, that might make sports activity too much of a risk.

How often do I need a sports physical? Most states require annual sports physicals before your child can begin practice.

  • We offer extended hours for your convenience on weekdays, weekends, and holidays so you can bring your children and teens in for school, camp, and sports physicals. To shorten your wait time, just check in online , you can also download forms online in advance.
  • Open 8 to 8 every day, no appointment needed.
  • No appointment required for most physicals. Sports We offer convenient, quick, affordable sports physicals for all ages with no appointment required.
  • Regular School Sports Physical exams are highly recommended before beginning a new sport or new sports season. A simple sports physical can go a long way in preventing and detecting any problems related to physical activity.
  • Regular physicals are a chance for healthcare providers to discuss important health issues with patients, including children and their parents or guardians. These exams can make sure that the patient is healthy and physically prepared to participate in activities.
  • Contact Sports Physicals Hatch Pediatrics is offering same day appointments for sports physicals to all kids and teens in Bozeman.

The first step you can take to prepare is discussing the sports physical with your child. You can help relieve any anxiety your child has about their physical by informing them of the process. You can also make sure they wear comfortable clothing and can move around as needed.

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Information like chronic conditions and previous injuries are especially important during a sports physical. Sports physicals are a requirement for good reason.

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To get your child prepared for their next sports season, visit a Heal office or book an appointment by phone or online today. What we offer.

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