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Saturday, January 4, 2020 8:46:21 PM

Cormier's longtime rival Jon Jones wasted no time pouring salt in his old foe's wounds: Jones and Cormier have had a nasty rivalry for years. Jones has defeated Cormier twice, even though the second win a stoppage was turned into a no contest when the former tested positive for a banned substance. Even when the two men aren't fighting in the Octagon, they always seem to be taking shots at each other.

WATCH: Daniel Cormier Vs. Stipe Miocic I


Cormier knocked out Miocic to win the title and Miocic will be looking to avenge that defeat. Olympic gold medalist and middleweight title challenger Yoel Romero competes against knockout artist Paulo Costa.

Daniel Cormier vs. Now he defends against the former champion looking to further bolster his impressive resume. Before losing to Cormier, Miocic was the only UFC heavyweight champion to successfully defend the title three times and he is looking to regain his perch.

Round 1. Cormier lands a hard leg kick at the start. Cormier adds two more leg kicks.

It was anything but easy in the main event of UFC , but thanks to one of the great adjustments in UFC championship fight history, Miocic brought the belt back home by stopping Cormier in the fourth round.

Cormier cracks Miocic with a left hook. Cormier lifts up Miocic and slams him down. Miocic looks to stand up in the final 30 seconds. Cormier lands punch after punch in the process. Round 2. Miocic throws a few jabs to start and a knee.

Miocic lands a nice uppercut. Cormier lands an elbow.

UFC Stipe Miocic defeats Daniel Cormier to reclaim heavyweight title

They trade heavy punches from close range. Miocic connects with a hard right cross. Cormier answers with a big right hand of his own.

Miocic stuns Cormier with a late left hand. Close round. Round 3. Miocic knocks Cormier back with a straight right hand early. Cormier lands a series of straight punches to the right eye.

Miocic is clearly having trouble seeing with that eye and so Cormier targets it even more. Miocic gets a takedown with a minute and a half left but Cormier gets back up. Cormier cracks Miocic with three hard punches in the final minute. Another close round. Advertisement Round 4. Miocic lands a jab and Cormier retaliates with a leaping hook that connects more solidly.

After two action packed rounds in the second and third, the pace has slowed on both ends. Miocic is repeatedly attacking the body with punches. Miocic follows a left to the body with a right to the head. He stuns Cormier with a right hand and knocks him out with punches up against the cage.

Winner: Stipe Miocic, KO, round 4. Daniel Cormier appeared to be getting the better of that fight most of the way but Miocic adjusted in the fourth round. He punished Cormier to the body and then finished him to the head. Cormier has nothing to be ashamed of; he largely fought a winning fight and he was in there with an excellent opponent who has some natural physical advantages.

Anthony Pettis vs. Nate Diaz Anthony Pettis has struggled since losing the UFC lightweight title, trading wins and losses in recent years. Diaz moves in with punches but Pettis answers with a few hard counters and Diaz backs off.

UFC Cormier vs. Miocic 2 Tickets, Sat, Aug 17, at PM

Pettis lands another big right hand shortly thereafter and tags Diaz with a couple more big punches as Diaz moves in for a clinch. As they break from the clinch, Pettis hammers the body with punches.

Pettis lands a high kick. Diaz lands a right hand coming in. Diaz gets a takedown. Pettis grabs a guillotine choke but cannot get the submission as Diaz pops his head out. Diaz lands some punches from there. Advertisement Round 2.

Pettis has success with his boxing early in the second.

Miocic stops Cormier, Anthony Pettis loses at UFC

Diaz is having trouble with his eye, constantly wiping it. Diaz gets Pettis by the cage and has some success with some punches and a knee. Diaz grabs the back on the feet and gets Pettis down.

Pettis gets up but eats a knee. Diaz lands a strong elbow as well. They exchange punches from close range with Diaz getting the best of it late.

How to Stream UFC Cormier vs. Miocic Live Online

Diaz moves right back into close range but Pettis punishes him with some punches and a head kick for the effort. Diaz takes over with punches and rocks Pettis with a knee to the head. Diaz lands another and opens up with punches on a downed Pettis in the corner. It looks like it could be stopped at any moment but Pettis hangs on.

Despite being on the bottom, Diaz lands plenty of punches and elbows on a tired Pettis. Diaz reverses and takes top position, opening up with punches. Diaz has the back again and looks for the late rear naked choke.

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