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Be a part of Special Olympics Texas and feel proud about your involvement in the movement that is changing lives! Volunteer Without the dedication of thousands of volunteers, our athletes would not be able to compete to their fullest abilities or experience the joys that come from participating in Special Olympics Texas. Anyone can volunteer; each person brings their own unique talents and contributions. From coaching to serving refreshments, each volunteer makes a difference. Athletes A world of opportunity awaits!

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The Best Basketball Coaching Websites & Resources Online Proper coordination and mobility—and the joy in executing these in a free-flowing, creative environment—set the foundation for learning more complex sports skills later on. Five top tips for coaching kids When coaching kids for the first time, it is not uncommon to lack direction.
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Online Training for Youth Sports Coaches. Simply go online and take the self-guided training. Parents Guide and Introduction to Youth Soccer The guide is designed to assist parents new to the game of soccer in growing the spirit without limiting the child. Chapters cover information from the basics of youth soccer and making a positive impact on children to roles of coaches and referees to lending support to your child.

Constructive Soccer - Principles of Play clinic Coaching at the youth level is more a matter of teaching the game to young players than managing their soccer.

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A key goal for coaching young players is to help them understand how soccer works. The Principles of Play form the basic tactical foundation of the game, and players' understanding can be accelerated by competing in small-sided games at training; and by encouraging constructive play during matches.

Coaching Healthy Habits Did you know that there are three simple things you can do to help your players stay healthy and perform their best?

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Available courses through State Associations: Ask your State Association about one of these courses below today. Both must be completed in order to fulfill the course requirements.

  • For coaches looking to lead their kids to victory and parents hoping to coach their own kids at home, basketball coaching resources online can be invaluable. From covering basic techniques like dribbling and shooting to demonstrating how to do a pick and roll, these resources not only prepare you to teach the game of basketball.
  • With a little knowledge of the game and a passion for teaching, becoming a basketball coach can be made easier by completing a certification program.
  • To complete this training course, you will need to use a computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection. This training works best with a high-speed, broadband internet connection, as well as an up-to-date web browser and operating system.
  • The draft schedule can be found here.

This course focuses on age specific knowledge for 6U-8U players such as the rules of the game, characteristics of the 6U-8U players and coaching techniques for this age group. Adaptations include: Rule changes, characteristics of 10UU players and coaching approaches for players in this age group.

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