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The Formula One World Championship season is fully underway, with twenty one confirmed events on the calendar, including the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, next-up from November December 2 Sydney time. The Formula One championship is a nine-month celebration of the greatest motor-racing season in the world, with each Grand Prix an opportunity for the drivers to showcase their cars and skills under different conditions.

You can watch the next race for free using this 14 day trial , with instant access. This trial includes access to all its unique viewing features, and 50 additional live sports. The rights to broadcast a Formula 1 live stream through Australia are owned by Foxtel.

Foxtel sub-leases the Sky Sports F1 live stream racing coverage, showing it through its Fox Sports channels. This includes the three practice sessions, the qualifying session and the race itself. There is one exception to this deal. Channel 10 does have the rights to broadcast every session and the race for the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix live, simulcast with Foxtel and Kayo Sports.

This is the only race of the year, however, where Channel 10 will show F1 live and it cannot provide a Formula 1 live stream through the tenplay app. The network does have the rights to broadcast shortened replays and highlights of each race once it is completed.

This dedicated live sports streaming app offers a suite of innovative features. This includes SplitView, where you can watch four sports at once, and Interactive Stats. There's picture-in-picture mode, a hide scores options and a Key Moments timeline to help you jump to the best bits.

You can choose you own camera in some sports, and the excellent Netflix-style user-interface surfaces F1 qualifying, practice sessions, documentaries, chat shows and the race itself all in the one place. You can learn more about Kayo Sports here.

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Everything is broadcast in HD at no additional cost and you can try it with ease thanks to the day free trial. Last verified Get deal Alternative Option.

You have an app on your device, and through it you can access the channels you are subscribed to. Foxtel Now's price is impacted by the requirement to get additional non-sporting channels before you can access the desired sports channels.

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However, without all the sports-viewing features, it doesn't have much going for it for those looking into an F1 live stream option or any of the other sports. So when you compare prices, it's hard to argue against Kayo Sports being the best place to watch F1 online in Australia.

It does have a handful of additional sports channels over Kayo — namely Eurosport, three premier league club channels and two Sky Racing channels — but none of those impact F1 or the other major Australian sports. You can learn more about Foxtel Now here.

How to watch an F1 Live Stream for free in Australia Finding a free Formula 1 live stream doesn't necessarily need to take you into illegal territory. By taking advantage of both Foxtel Now and Kayo Sports' free trial offers, you can start watching F1 without spending a cent.

Kayo offers a day free trial period, which will give you the chance to watch potentially two full race weekends for free depending on when you activate it during the season. Foxtel Now offers a shorter day period period, too.

Both services are easy to sign-up for and have automatic cancellation processes. We have detailed instructions on how to set this up. How does the Sky Sports F1 live stream work in Australia Foxtel doesn't have a team on the ground at each F1 race of the year, so does not do a Formula 1 live stream of its own.

Before and after the race, however, the Sky Sports live stream switches to a locally-broadcast F1 live stream chat show. Here, local F1 commentators look at the race from an Australian perspective, before handing over the reins to the Sky Sports live stream team working remotely.

This is how the F1 live stream experience has been functioning in Australia for years. Sky Sports F1 isn't to be confused with a Sky Racing live stream. Despite the term "racing," the Sky Racing live stream is focused on horse racing. How to Watch Formula 1 in 4K Sky Sports F1 coverage is shot and broadcast in 4K , which means you can watch this glorious sport in the most glorious of resolutions if you have the right equipment.

Foxtel IQ is the premium service in the Foxtel range and involves the traditional set-top box setup. That means a technician will need to come to your house, install the box and cabling and potentially a satellite , which means it isn't an instant process.

However, the latest Foxtel IQ4 box does allow for 4K broadcasts. A Foxtel IQ subscription also comes with the Foxtel Go app, which allows you to enjoy an F1 live stream experience on your mobile device at no extra cost.

However, the telecommunications infrastructure isn't ready to do a 4K F1 live stream just yet. The downside of watching F1 via Foxtel IQ is the cost.

As the sports package cannot be purchased separate from the base package, you need to get a lot more channels that you may want. Find out more about Foxtel IQ here. What is the F1TV service?

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You'd be forgiven for thinking that the name F1TV would include an Formula 1 live stream, but it doesn't. No doubt a result of the complex global broadcasting rights web, the F1TV service provides access to live timings, team audio and telemetry data from the race weekend.

There's also an archive of historic F1 racers to go through and documentaries. However, an F1TV subscription is really only for the super fans given it offers no Formula 1 live stream. If you'd also like to know when each race is on, the Formula 1 driver lists and the Formula team makeups, we have all the F1 schedule and team information here.

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