Can You Watch Nbc Sports On Tv Antenna

Thursday, February 27, 2020 8:44:21 AM

Skinny bundles are slimmed-down packages of live channels. By slimming down the packages and streaming over the internet, OTT skinny bundles can cut costs. We will briefly touch on over-the-air later on, since some NBC Sports-branded content ends up on NBC's flagship channel, which is available over the air.

Break out your flag-based apparel, cord cutters! All TVs manufactured after will allow you to connect the HDTV antenna directly and watch the Olympics as well as your favorite dramas, comedies, and local news.

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In addition to giving you a traditional on-screen TV guide, Tablo lets you pause and rewind live TV, or set recordings for your favorite Olympic events automatically and watch them later on a wide variety of streaming set-top-boxes, Smart TVs, gaming systems, and mobile devices.

You can also use the out-of-home streaming service called Tablo Connect to watch the Olympics live or later at work, on your commute, or anywhere you have a WiFi or cell connection. Signing up for a paid streaming TV service is an excellent option for US-based cord cutters to see even more Olympic action.

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Keep in mind that not all internet-based streaming TV services are created equal. Some may not allow you to fast-forward through commercials on recorded programs, or record certain channels at all.

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And if you have a bandwidth cap from your internet provider, relying on Over-the-Air TV for part of your Olympic binge-watching will help you to avoid pesky overage charges from your ISP.

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