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Here's a break-down of what you will get from the program! You will have world class footwork You will be unstoppable from the triple-threat You will be able to score against any defender You will have array of counters You will master NBA Isolation Moves You will be a pick and roll maestro You will unlock every ounce of your potential with our mental training program You will have filthy handles You will master the art of shooting You will have high-level knowledge of the game with in-depth voice overs Basketball Lessons NBA Skills Trainer Trey Slate shares with you the same secrets he uses to take NBA and Professional players game to the next level. Coach Trey shows you 'How to go from Good to Unstoppable' by sharing his basketball knowledge, his obsession of detail, and the process it takes to reach mastery. Email contact hooprelentless. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge relentlessfam.

PJF Performance

  • We have identified some useful websites for young players, parents and youth league coaches to assist you in learning more about basketball. If you are a kid or parent of a child between the ages of who loves basketball and wants to learn more about it, here are some resources we think you should check out.
  • He is, after all, from Uruguay, the South American country known for producing goal scorers of a different sport known to the world by a single name.
  • Showing No Fear Becoming fearless with everyday improvement in all aspects of the mental game including mental toughness gets players through tough positions and difficult setbacks. Instead, with mental strength and positive belief patterns, one is able to lift the whole team by powerful gameplay and clearer-minded determination.
  • Workout 24 Guarantee My belief is this: if you invest in professional coaching and training — and you consistently do the program — you should start seeing the results you want.
  • What is it?

Note: this is not a teaching app. While typical online training systems are built around predetermined progressions and pre-made workouts, I'm Possible's famous catalog checklist of over skills and methods, allows you to enhance your game one ability and one check at a time without any risk of screwing it up!

No guessing. Just a detailed checklist for you to follow in any order or schedule that works for you!

  • When it comes to being a better coach and coaching your team to be better players, there are a lot of different approaches you can take.
  • Included are many of the training drills used by several top NBA players.
  • Improve your basketball shot, learn how to get your shot off quicker, create space off the dribble and go to scoring moves. Increase your quickness, reaction time and footwork.
  • Follow their example.
  • This system has revolutionised basketball training programs as we know them.
  • After my first major surgery, Nick jumped at the opportunity to help me get back into shape for the upcoming season. We trained around three times a week and each day I would enter knowing I was going to be challenged, yet as I left, I would look forward to the next training session.

The goal of the checklist training system is not to just make you a better point guard, wing player, or post player, but a more skilled player, period! Just straight skill enhancement until every skill and method on the list is checked off!

Your trainer will connect his account to yours through the app to give guidance, leave notes and create workout logs for you to remember every detail you have trained. This allows our trainers to manage the progress of their prodigies through the app while staying connected individually or in groups through the messaging feature on the app.

Online IMPACT Basketball Training Videos for Parents & Players

Plan automatically renews until cancelled. Your payment will provide you with the ability to view the most detailed skill enhancement video library that exists within the game of basketball. Take your progress into your own hands!

Basketball Training Equipment: The Top 25 List

Keep track of how well you're are doing by utilizing the I'm Possible Training checklist, designed specifically to enhance the performance of a player. The Checklist Training System never stops growing.

The site features helpful articles with everything you need to know to develop and maintain your abilities, both as a player and as a coach.

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