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Friday, January 24, 2020 8:45:29 AM

Contact Us Athletics At Show Low High School, we believe that participation in athletics activities widens the educational experience and makes school more enjoyable. In addition to strengthening physical skills, students learn valuable life skills including how to work on a team, ideals of fairness and sportsmanship, self- discipline and responsibility, and respect for authority and teammates.

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Our original story is below. Despite calls from the Arizona Department of Transportation and the Department of Public Safety to avoid traveling state highways in northern Arizona because of winter weather conditions, the AIA says the games will go on.

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Prescott also declared a state of emergency Thursday because of the heavy snowfall. The AIA says they held a conference call but found no alternative that could be agreed on to delay or move the games.

In total, 13 schools are responsible for transporting their student athletes to the Findlay Toyota Center in Prescott Valley for games that will be held on Friday and Saturday. There would be options to move games earlier or later on Friday, and even the availability to play a semifinal on Saturday morning as a last resort.

Only if a team could not make it all would it have to forfeit.

Concerned parents question AIA’s decision to continue state tournaments in Prescott Valley

Or I miss my brother playing in his, possibly last, basketball game of his High School career. Because AIA is too stubborn to reschedule.

Their first game is against Scottsdale Christian High School, who also had to drive to Prescott for the game. I went looking for places to eat and getting access to the parking lots is a huge challenge in and of itself.

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It's hard to park in parking lots that are covered in about 2 to 3 feet of snow. From the looks of things doesn't look like it's going to get any better. Restaurants are closed due to weather. At this point it does not appear that the city of Prescott has the resources to deal with this winter storm.

The decision to keep the schedule as is was a difficult one to make. The association had a conference call with all schools involved Wednesday morning. Without a consensus or a viable alternative from the call, including a recommendation for postponement, it was decided to keep the tournament as scheduled.

With this, teams began making their way toward Prescott. Most northern schools had already made it to the area by Wednesday evening, and the rest arrived Thursday morning.

Most of the schools arriving later were coming from the south.


It was conveyed to the schools on the conference call that the AIA will make every arrangement to accommodate teams that might not arrive in time for their first game. The association once again encourages everyone driving to the Prescott area to be cautious.

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