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Friday, November 1, 2019 12:35:46 PM

For an active woman, the best type of watch you should have when working out or playing sports is a waterproof digital sports watch. But of course, not everyone can afford luxury brands. Its Ironman Rugged 30 Watch is no exception. The interface is your no-nonsense screen, providing the date, time, and day at a glance. Its additional features include a 30 lap memory recall, a 99 lap counter, a countdown timer, and a stopwatch.

W S Women and Children Digital Timer Sport Watch

Not only does the face have hours and minutes, but it also measures seconds as well.

Womens Waterproof Sport Watch for sale

This would all be well and good except its an analog watch, and all those little ticks can be overwhelming. Confusing dial aside, this is a very nice watch.

Sport Watches for Women

The face shows an image of a puma, and the watch is available in five different colors. It has a monochromatic dial with a 6-hour marker. It is waterproof up to feet 50 meters and is suitable to wear while snorkeling and swimming.

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Pros: Waterproof up to feet Cons: Dial is frenetic 7. This gorgeous time piece couples a bold, striking wristband and bevel with a marvelously designed dial.

Miniature displays on the dial showcase the day, date and hour, while two larger dials measure minutes in increments of five and one.

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Even the hands are a work of art. Three silver-tones hands provide striking visual differences from the other, offering no room for confusion. This is a fantastic looking sports watch and a very definition of style.

Everything from the black resin strap to the aluminum casing screams good taste. The wrist watch is water resistant up to feet, making it appropriate for swims and snorkeling but not scuba diving.

This is a fine watch and definitely recommended. The watch catches your eye with a bold, white-and-silver display that exudes charisma. The face is beautiful and intriguing, offering the time in both standard analogs and digital numerals.

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It even displays the day of the week. This elegant wristwatch has a chaton style bezel protector and numeric indicator.

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Pros: Waterproof up to feet Both analog and digital displays Cons: Difficult to read dial in the sunlight 5. The bezel is silver-tone and stylish, and the band is made of silicon. The is backed by an incredible ten-year warranty, all but guaranteeing a decade of continuous, reliable use.

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