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IIHF World Championship

Sports Partnerships NBA Of the four major American sports, basketball is the most followed, loved, practiced and inspiring of all.

  • For more information on the early years, please see Bandy and Ice Hockey in Austria Play full screen, enjoy Puzzle of the Day and thousands more.
  • The tournament was played from 23 to 29 April. Canada won the gold medal at both the and Winter Olympics.
  • The loss means that New Zealand finish the tournament in 6th place.
  • In the Fanzone everyone can join the fun and experience the atmosphere at one of the largest sport events in the world. Most of the
  • India are on top of Pool C with four points from two matches and better goal difference. Belgium are hanging at their neck with the same points.
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Countless children and adults play hoops, wear the clothes and dream about dunking across the globe. Following up on its commitment to ambassadors such as the season NBA veteran Tony Parker or Golden State Warriors' Klay Thompson, Tissot deeply believes in the positive team values of the 5 on 5 game, and in its universal appeal.

The Swiss watchmaker lends its expertise to all the major races on the calendar. In a sport where every second counts, relying on an extremely high-quality timekeeper is essential.

Ice Hockey World Championships

Tissot shares the same values as A. This partnership means Tissot can draw in a large number of cycling enthusiasts committed to endurance and performance.

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Sports Partnerships UCI Cycling is one of the sports that Tissot has been most involved in, as it has been associated with various cycling events for the past 50 years. The brand had already been Official Timekeeper of the Tour de France from to Proud of its Swiss roots, Tissot got further involved in by joining forces with the Union Cycliste Internationale.

Air Hockey World Cup

In , Tissot extends its alliance with the world of speed and becomes sponsor of another major motorcycling World Championship, World Superbike.

This is a category which brings motorcycling fans the link between great motorcycling champions and the public, through the racing of production, rather than prototype machines.

Latest Ice Hockey News, Videos and Results

The sport of Rugby demonstrates many of the core values which are shared at Tissot, such as teamwork, respect, discipline and a love for sports.

Itself deeply rooted in its own region of the Swiss Jura, Tissot is Official Timekeeper of Top 14, providing the league with an innovative, synchronized timing solution for all referees and public display.

Tissot's heartfelt association with Top 14 stems from a kinship with the game's required precision, determination and coordination of a wide set of skills. Tissot further sponsors the Swiss national team at a local level.

All Swiss eyes are on ice hockey players as the game is a national point of pride and passion.

Women's World Championship

A global brand with a deep, year mooring in its home town of Le Locle, Tissot has been an ardent supporter of ice hockey for ages. This evergreen relationship is embodied by a sponsoring agreement with the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation.

It makes Tissot a ubiquitous sponsor in dozens of ice rings, events, tournaments, as well as the country's junior league, National and Swiss league teams.

IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Division

Fencing is a living illustration of tradition and innovation, which are the underlying pillars of the Tissot brand. One of the oldest of sports and one where timing is crucial.

Live Hockey Scores

Fencing champions need a great dexterity and to constantly innovate to surprise their opponent, to the delight of spectators. It is the beauty and grace of gesture, which makes fencing so unique.

Table tennis bears numerous similarities with Tissot's approach to manufacturing Swiss Made timepieces : consistency, affordability, extreme precision, and fitting a very small volume a watch onto a very small surface the wrist.

As Official Timer Partner of the World Table Tennis Championships, Tissot provides its chronometric expertise to a sports made of high-speed and short sequences, very demanding to time, which also make for great entertainment.

Ice Hockey World Championship Tickets

For the Endurance World Championship, which includes the 24 hours of Le Mans, Tissot renews its sport partnership with the legendary French car manufacturer, Alpine. Sports Partnerships Asian Games Immensely popular, diverse, multi-ethnic, the Asian Games are the world's second most viewed multi-sports event after the Olympic Games, of which they are a geographically- and culturally- focused version.

As a global watchmaking leader and even more so on the 4. There, champions will compete in internationally recognized sports and specifically Asian ones, such as Dragon-boat racing, Sepak Takraw or Kurash.

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