Where Can You Watch The Meriweather Fight In Ashland Oregon

Thursday, October 10, 2019 1:01:16 PM

In a post on Instagram, the undefeated fighter said that he had "never agreed to an official bout" with Nasukawa, and had in fact been approached about a short exhibition match for a "small group of wealthy spectators. He said that he regrets not correcting the record at the time. However, the boxer spoke to CNN in Tokyo after the fight was announced, and at the time he appeared to be on board with the plans, although he said he "didn't like to call this a fight -- I like to call this a special event. In the Instagram post Mayweather said that the fight had been arranged as a "special bout," which he said was "purely for entertainment purposes with no intentions of being represented as an official fight card nor televised worldwide.

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Mayweather: Nasukawa fight is a special event

The fighter who has made himself insanely rich by conning people into paying to watch him on TV is at it again. At least those buying the Pacquiao fight had an excuse. They thought Pacquiao legitimately had a chance, ignoring the fact that his skills had deteriorated badly in the five years he had been chasing a fight with Mayweather.

He has lost three of his last six fights, two of them to fighters that Mayweather easily beat.

Medford Boxing community excited for McGregor Mayweather fight

That was reflected at the Westgate LV sports book Wednesday, where Mayweather was a staggering favorite. Not one bet had been placed, even with the chance to reap a small fortune should Berto somehow find a way to win. Still, there might be reasons to buy this pay-per-view.

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This is boxing, after all, a sport where the bizarre sometimes seems normal. Maybe boxing fans should just treat this for what it is — a glorified exhibition that will make Mayweather even more millions while completing his six-fight deal with Showtime and making him a free agent should he decide to fight on at some point.

It will also put him in the conversation with Rocky Marciano, the heavyweight champion who retired in He has earned that right, going Boxing fans, though, have a few rights of their own. And on Sept.

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