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Friday, September 27, 2019 1:39:02 AM

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However, Usyk would have to keep a serious work rate and that leaves him open to a right hand. I think his best chance would be against Joshua who I think he could pressure into a tough fight down the stretch. Take care. Two things: Shaking off the ring rust of almost one year of inactivity Testing a new U.

Doug — Who in The Ring heavyweight top 10 could Usky stop at this point? I had been worried that lack of motivation might have been a problem but Josh blasted a respectable yet lower level opponent out in under two rounds. He could also fight for vacant titles or unification where he is.

Achieving either of the above would put him in my p4p top ten. Could Inoue plump up to ? There are so many elite fighters around those divisions that great fights should be flowing for the next couple of years.

Yes, it has its frustrations sometimes, but highpoint is never far away. Now I look forward to Gvozdyk vs. Beterbiev and Prograis vs. Kovalev, followed by the return of The Monster in one of the most significant prize fights ever to take place in Japan.

No sense in a world-class operator playing with his food. Besides, Warrington needs to get his KO ratio up. And, at least Josh is keeping busy, which is more than we can say for fellow beltholder Gary Russell Jr.

All the relevant broadcast details are provided below, but first, it's time for our main event preview. And then before the fight, a couple minutes before, I [go to] the restroom by myself and I bow down on my knee and I pray, and I say 'God knows I want to fight Ronda, but I leave it in your hands.

Josh Warrington. I think so. He seems to be a big featherweight. Yes, I believe the Japanese star will finish out his stellar career at featherweight.

Yes Sir! Russell, but maybe that will happen one day in a heavier weight class. Sad to see another fallen fighter this year. Patrick was a decent fighter and was making the young prospect work hard to get the win and was not in there like a tomato can waiting to be knocked over.

What can boxing do to make the sport safer without taking away what the fans seem to love the most, which is back and forth hard punching action along with devastating knockouts?

If there was open scoring maybe a corner or ref would be more likely to stop a fight that was already a forgone conclusion. In New York they will call time before a round starts to have the doctor check on a fighter who was knocked down or even possibly hurt in the round before.

Patrick Day fought hard throughout the fight and all the way up to the last round, and while his effort would have been applauded and bolstered his chances of getting another decent fight and payday, he now will instead be fighting for his life.

Thank you. As of this writing, however, he is still in a coma and in critical condition, according to an update penned by Michael Woods late Sunday night. Perhaps the fight could have been stopped after the first knockdown in Round 8, and maybe Day would have walked out of the ring without any lingering effects.

Of course, that would have made the stoppage controversial. He took some hard shots in Round 10 and the back of his head slammed the canvas when he went down following two hard right hands to the ear and a compact hook on the button.

Jimmy Doyle falls to the canvas in Round 8 of his welterweight title bout against Sugar Ray Robinson. Photo from Ring archive The infamous ring death of Jimmy Doyle at the powerful hands of a prime welterweight champion version of Sugar Ray Robinson in in Cleveland, Ohio the first professional boxer fatality in a world title bout was preceded by a chilling KO loss to middleweight puncher Artie Levine the previous year, also in Cleveland.

Doyle suffered a serious concussion in the Levine match and was carried out of the ring on a stretcher. At the very least, Doyle needed a long rest after that brutal KO, but he instead fought five times leading into his fateful bout against Robinson. Sports Arena. Coach was at that fight too, and said Lavorante was carried out of the ring on a stretcher.

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Recently, Hugo Santillan died of head trauma after a round draw against Eduardo Abreu in his native Argentina, but one month prior to that fatal fight, Santillan was brutalized for 10 rounds against heavier Artem Harutyunyan in Germany.

The Argentina boxing commission should not have allowed Santillan to fight that soon after a punishing bout and shame on his handlers, which include his father. The California commission of the early s should have been more careful with Lavorante following his brutal KO to Moore.

Carlos Adames lands a right hand to Patrick Day. He was coming off a loss, a round decision to heavy handed Carlos Adames in June, but he never appeared to be seriously hurt during that fight, which was competitive.

However, it should be noted that after acquitting himself well for the first five rounds of the bout, Day took some hard right hands from Adames over the second half. Hard punching, KOs and concussions go hand and hand.

It is what it is. I doubt it. And it would be hard for the referee to justify such a stoppage unless the fighter down on the announced scorecards was taking a beating. Day is a good athlete with decent skills and technique and, from what I can gather from reports of what occurred on Saturday, he was trying his best to win the fight against Conwell.

To prevail in these situations, one must push himself or herself beyond their physical limits, and unfortunately, in combat sports, that mindset and drive can lead to serious, even life-threatening injuries.

But good corners, sadly, are rare. For that to happen there has to be change in the mentalities of the fans and the fighters. Yeah, this can be helpful in stopping a fight that needs to end, but in the case of Day, the knockdown that likely caused the serious damage occurred in the final round.

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Hi Dougie, I hope you are well. After successive weekends of some really well matched top of the bill clashes, this weekend was a bit one sided with Usyk and Warrington both winning with relative ease.

Although probably not much heavier than his cruiserweight days, Usyk still showed what a class fighter he is in the ring and was obviously in a different league to Witherspoon.

Credit to Chazz for stepping in at short notice and taking his beating like a man. The featherweight division seems to be thinning out with both Santa Cruz and Valdez reportedly moving north.

I hope Russell Jr is looking for a big fight. Who have you got if Warrington and Russell Jr faced of in a unification match? Your Mythical Matchups: Barry McGuigan vs Carl Frampton — McGuigan by close but unanimous decision Wladimir Klitschko vs Vitali Klitschko — Big Bro by late maybe come-from-behind stoppage Jermall Charlo vs Jermell Charlo — Mell by close but unanimous decision Spence Jr vs Don Curry — Curry by close but unanimous decision Although probably not much heavier than his cruiserweight days, Usyk still showed what a class fighter he is in the ring and was obviously in a different league to Witherspoon.

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Chazz looked OK. He got in a few right hands. But once Usyk had found his rhythm, he looked about as good as he usually does at cruiserweight. I think he was just about to step it up a notch before Tommy Brooks wisely reeled his fighter in following the seventh round.

That could have gotten ugly for Witherspoon. He says he is, but he remains one of the most inactive world titleholders in boxing.

Who have you got if Warrington and Russell Jr faced off in a unification match? Russell like to stand his ground and let his blazing fists fly, which could play right into the aggressive, relentless style of Warrington.

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