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Tuesday, October 8, 2019 5:24:01 AM

But was it worth the wait? Which storylines wrapped up, which were left dangling or ignored, and what might potentially await our intrepid team next season.

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‘The Good Fight’ comes to CBS, barbed politics intact (F

I never want to be without this show even if just for a few months. Of course we know Diane would never commit such crimes, but the case against her — complete with audio evidence — is chilling in its effectiveness.

The Good Fight recap: Season 2, Episode 13

I honestly got goosebumps. In the midst of all the drama, the show also manages to inject some heartwarming romance as Diane and Kurt share a wordless sequence since the house is bugged and ultimately sleep together.

Who would have thought? A Motherfucking Baby As a contrast to all the chilling darkness, Lucca in labor was an absolute hoot. From the constant swearing to the parents going head to head, everything about this subplot was tremendously amusing.

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Thankfully, all the hilarity also provided room for Lucca to grow as a character. I actually laughed out loud the cherry on top was Marissa later tripping. God I love her. Talk about female empowerment.

So realistic. Could they be real?

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Robert and Michelle King are so cynical; I love it. Everybody needs a little optimistic and hope for the future.

I can never get over how timely this show is. And were those items reverse exploding?

Watch The Good Fight Season 2 Episode 13 Online

Good Lines Diane: So, what do I call you? Deep Throat? Just double penetration and girl-on-girl. Lucca: to Maia Can you show Marissa how to use a door? Liz: Why not?

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Diane: Because people are out to get me. Conclusion An outstanding season finale for one of my favorite shows of all time. This has been a spectacular season and this closer is just as impressive. Nad Rating.

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