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Tuesday, October 15, 2019 3:22:15 PM

In a land where no magic is present. Watch ONA anime online - Page 1. Pulau dimana yang kuat membuat aturan dan yang lemah harus mematuhinya.

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Prince Of Tennis Episode 6

Meanwhile, Ryoma and Shinji Ibu battle over grip tape by creating a contest in which they catch a pickpocket. Kaido is then unwittingly dragged into the mess when he is suspected of being the thief.

When Ryoma fails to win the game within five shots, which was the requirement for him to win, he ends being the one to drink it. Curious what Ryoma is up to, Nanjiro decides to follow him, and after seeing the two together, Momoshiro and the freshman trio , spy on the two, believing that they are on a date.

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However, Ryoma continues to ignore her and even end up hurting her feelings when she asks about him. In the end, Ryoma tries to make up for it by teaching her some tennis.

Before his match, Tezuka and Oishi go to a clinic to check whether or not Tezuka's arm has healed.

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Though it is healed, the doctor warns him not to play long matches and to not use his drop shot. After finding out he is fine, he meets up with Ryoma.

The Prince Of Tennis

Suspicious of the two's meeting, Oishi decides to follow the pair to see what is really going on. Oishi, who was the sole spectator of the Tezuka and Ryoma match, talks to Tezuka about the outcome and its repercussions.

The next day at school, the other team members, grow suspicious when Tezuka and Ryoma fail to appear during team practice two days in a row.

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Meanwhile, Ryoma asks Nanjiro for a match, in which the latter realizes that Ryoma has changed and will now get stronger.

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