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Add your rating What's the story? When she begins hanging out with some popular kids at school, like Alexa Tess AtkinsKristin Keely PurvisBecca Caley Dimmockand Lauren Genevieve Buechenershe thinks she's finally climbed to the top of the social ladder. But when her new friends learn about some negative comments she posted about them on a social networking site, the young women decide to teach her a lesson by viciously beating her up with the intention of posting a video of the attack online.

Video: Walthamstow fight: The dark truth about female street violence

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Follow Walthamstow was taken over by around young people fighting on its streets last night. Smartphone footage posted to Twitter shows teenage girls pulling one another's hair, police breaking up brawls and people hitting each other with baseball bats.

The incident quickly earned its own hashtags Walthamstow and WalthamstowRiots , which started trending on Twitter. Police were forced to close off the street outside Walthamstow Central tube station in London and though no one was seriously injured, three people were arrested.

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When the strong group of year olds eventually dispersed around 9pm, locals said the streets were left littered with hair extensions, nose rings and push-up bras. Pieces of weave strewn across Hoe Street.

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I can't even. WalthamstowRiots pic.

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Who is this guy? It just meant to be two girls who were supposed to fight, but their groups of friends got involved. Boys would never let one boy fight alone and girls have copied that same example.

It used to be word of mouth but now when people talk about it on social media it attracts so many others. People fly off the handle very quickly and things seem to escalate quickly now. Young people who are drawn to street violence are living in poor housing, struggling with education and come from deprived backgrounds.

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That, he suggests, could be what spurs them on to mindless violence. The colleges involved have already released statements saying they are looking into the situation - Paolo Ramella, principal of Sir George Monoux College, said the school "has a zero-tolerance approach to unacceptable behaviour, whether inside or outside of college" and any students involved "will face serious consequences.

Clearly, we take such incidents very seriously and will respond accordingly if and when more information becomes available.

As Smart points out, the more worrying factor is that many young people are nonplussed by these incidents of street violence.

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Because for them, that kind of stuff happens on a regular basis. Last night, young people who were involved in the Walthamstow fight joked about it openly. There were more emojis and 'LOL's littering their posts than words of concern.

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They become accustomed to things like ' line ups', where a girl performs a sex act on a group of boys. But Smart says it would have quickly escalated to a fight about respect, with boys joining in to defend other girls.

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So more and more join in. I know young people like to mimic other young people. Girls from other areas might want to get in on that. We'll be on the lookout.

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