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Since being imported from the United States inbaseball has steadily gained popularity in Japan. Of course, given so many years to evolve independently of the American game, Japanese baseball has many differences that Western baseball fans may be unfamiliar with but at the same time retains all the key components to make for a truly enjoyable experience from the seats and bleachers. Take a weekend stroll around the suburbs of any Japanese city and you'll see just how many kids are practicing outside. Upon performing your online payment, please insert the discount coupon code "voyaginmatcha".

Watching a Baseball Game in Sapporo

The Japanese culture is so sweet and I was really looking forward to experiencing how they do baseball.

How to Watch Japanese Baseball Games in Tokyo

Let me tell you, it did not disappoint! We had time in our schedule while we were visiting Tokyo so we looked for a game somewhere in the vicinity — within an hour of Tokyo. There are several teams in the vicinity but the Yokohama Baystars happened to be playing so we settled on looking for tickets to one of their games, which were pretty hard to track down.

We ended up finding two tickets through the concierge at our hotel, who I believe got them from a ticket broker of some sort.

  • Print No. He eyed the pitcher, and brought the bat up into position.
  • Without tickets in hand for a game, I was really wondering if I could just show up at the ticket booth several hours before game time and purchase a ticket. With the popularity of the Yomuri Giants, was I amusing myself thinking I could just walk up and buy a ticket?
  • Constructed in , the 37,capacity arena is home to the Tokyo Yakult Swallows—the more humble counterpart to the flashy Tokyo Giants in their big shiny dome across town. To experience one of the craziest and most colorful places in Tokyo, visit the infamous, sensory-slamming Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku's Kabukicho district.
  • Despite initially being brought to Japan by Americans, baseball in Japan is more different than you'd think from the American experience. The teams play regular season games , starting in late March, with the top three teams in each league advancing to the playoffs and culminating in the Nippon Series in late October.
  • As the M. The only thing I would say is that maybe they put a little too much water at first, so some of the clay stuck to my spikes in the first inning, but that happens at home, too.
  • So when I realized I could watch a baseball game here in Japan, I figured sure, why not.

We took the subway to the game, which took about an hour. Jerseys, hats, foam fingers, etc. But we were so surprised that this is not the case in Japan.

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When we got to our subway stop and were walking towards the stadium, still nothing. Once we were in the outside walkway heading into the stadium, we noticed a couple of fans wearing jerseys. We had arrived! At the Seattle Mariners games, one of the things we really enjoy seeing on the walk up towards Safeco Field is the food vendors.

Baseball in Japan: A Different Fan Experience

Happily, Yokahama had food vendors too. While the U. My favorite treat of the night: Tiramisu Once the Japanese fans are IN the actual stadium, they start changing into their team shirts and their fandom spirit seems to come to life. Can you imagine going to a Yankees game and them selling Red Sox gear?!

Japan is different that way. First of all, the seats are TINY. I'm a small person and I felt very squished. Everything is veryclean as are the majority of the public spaces in Tokyo. Many of the fans have little garbage bags hung at their seats where they put every bit of their garbage.

Baseball Game Schedules

There is NO garbage tossed on the floor. In fact, someone near us spilled a beer and everyone took immediate notice. And just as quickly as the beer had been spilled, there was an employee there with a mop to thoroughly clean it up.

We learned later on that many people have their favorite "beer girls", many of them with quite a following, and people like to order from their favorite young ladies.

Watching Japanese Baseball Games

The day we attended, it was really hot and humid and the ladies were working incredibly hard. They do not have an easy job!

Japanese baseball has cheerleaders!

So many songs. A song for each team, and a song for each player and everyone knows the words.

Baseball in Japan

It was really endearing. But one of my favorite highlights? The mini monster truck that takes the field a few times between innings with a machine-gun type apparatus that shoots t-shirts out into the crowd.

A Baseball and Sumo Trip Through Japan

Just before the 7th inning stretch, you see most of the spectators pulling out packages of balloons that they begin to blow up and then all at once, they let them go and the air is filled with balloons crazily flying all over before raining back down again, only to be cleaned upright away.

It was funny to see a tiny bit of mayhem and such order go hand in hand. The night ended on a high note when the Baystars won the game and we were treated to a huge fireworks show which most fans seemed to stay for. It was really fun to see how the Japanese culture has taken our American baseball and given it their own twist that is fitting for them.

  • Sendai Tokorozawa I will not go too much into the history of baseball but it is not a new sport and has been around in Japan since
  • Note that purchasing tickets through ticket resellers always comes with additional risk over purchasing your tickets through a travel agency, due to the potential for fraudulent tickets.
  • Oakland Athletics Oakland Athletics vs.
  • See all Overview of Baseball in Japan Before you learn about Japanese baseball, though, you will need some prerequisite knowledge about the game!

As we made our way back to the subway, we watched as the fans removed their jerseys and made their way out, dressed once again in their everyday outfits. The subway back to the hotel was of course, completely silent.

A fun afternoon watching Japanese baseball

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