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The only limits are your audience and your imagination. Let's get started To learn how to go live from your iPhone, click here. To learn how to schedule an event in advance, click here. To learn how to go live from your desktop with an encoder, click here.

Learn more: Requirements for live streaming Add Wix Video to your published site, create a channel in Wix Video and display that channel on your site.

Otherwise, your live stream won't appear. Make sure you have an encoder before going live.

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An encoder is the platform that connects your computer's camera to the Wix Video player. To learn more, click here.

If you're streaming from your mobile device, install the Wix app on your iPhone a live stream is filmed with your iPhone's camera.

Search for "Wix" in the App Store. Note: Currently, mobile live streaming is only available on iPhone. FAQs Refreshing your site: If you go live without scheduling in advance, your site visitors must to refresh the page in order to watch your live stream.

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For a scheduled event, your site refreshes automatically. Can I charge viewers to watch my stream?

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How long can I live stream for? When using Wix Video for free, you can broadcast up to 10 minutes in a single stream. If you have upgraded to a Wix Video Premium Plan, you can broadcast up to 3 hours in a single stream.

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What happens when I end my stream? Every live video is automatically saved to your Video Library and counts towards the video hours in your plan.

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A video that exceeds the limit is saved but unavailable until you delete older content or upgrade. To learn how to manage your video usage, click here.

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