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Are there ever! Not only is UF a great school, it was ranked 7th overall on our list of the top 25 online MPH programs. UF is one of the top public universities in the state. Some of its popular offerings include environmental management in agriculture and natural resources, health education, biology, entomology, industrial and systems engineering, and Latin. The University of Florida is also often ranked as one of the top-value schools in the country by sources like Princeton Review and Smart Money Magazine.

University of Florida Online Degrees: What You Need to Know

4 Most Affordable Online Biology Degrees for

Although limited, online Bachelor of Biology degree programs can be located; however, some are considered hybrid programs meaning that some coursework, such as, lab and project assignments may need to be completed on-campus.

Other teaching tools are available for online learning programs, as well.

UF Online and Enrollment Warning Signs

For example, you can collaborate with fellow students through email, video conferencing and discussion boards to complete your projects. In addition, a degree in biology can lead you down an interesting career path, without a doubt. A career in the field of biology affords the student an opportunity to make a real difference in the world by helping others in many ways.

  • Math Major Uf The mission of the Teaching Center at the University of Florida is to empower students to become successful lifelong learners.
  • Best of all, these programs were built with the non-traditional student in mind.
  • Your first semester schedule will be made with your advisor at Orientation, and then you will make individual appointments every semester following up until graduation. In your first semester you should be in an English course, a Math course, at least 1 Science course and a liberal studies course.
  • The online biology major prepares students for careers in education, allied health, and interdisciplinary fields of science. The curriculum is broad in nature and offers studies and approaches to the field of biology.

In return, you will be rewarded and fulfilled yourself! Now is an exciting time to enter the world of Biology! We have listed these programs in random order.

Online associates degree in chemistry

Why you ask? The following list was compiled based on these various aspects: Online availability; although some programs may require occasional on-campus for lab work and seminars, Degree programs designed to focus on our living systems; exploring innovative developments, researching complex biological issues, presenting applicable solutions to real-world problems, and contributing to the field of Biology, Offers a wide variety of Concentrations within the broad field of Biology, Prepares students for careers in healthcare administration, bioinformatics, environmental law, education, zoology, and conservation, among others, Affordable Online programs; offering flexible Financial Aid options, Properly Accredited, Instructed by experienced practitioners in the field of Biology, Designed to help students hone their analytical skills, oral and written communication skills, as well as, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Would you like some additional information to explain our criteria for our selections?

Online Bachelor's Degree in Biology

The degree you earn through an online program at UF is the same prestigious degree of their on-campus students. They are dedicated to leading and aspiring students to reach for their career goals with strength and determination.

UF offers their students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology through their online program.

The program provides flexibility to allow students a broad approach to biology. Please note that this program is not designed for those entering the medical, dental or veterinary fields.

The Best Online Bachelor's in Biology Programs

All other school records and college prep class information is also required. The online coursework at the University of Florida utilizes two formats of instructional methods: asynchronous, meaning that you may access your classes at any time and synchronous, meaning that you will need to attend an online class, most likely, at a specific time and date.

The combination of learning methods allows students the opportunity to participate in class discussions with professors and fellow students. With your degree, you may choose from a wide array of career choices such as, in conservation biology, environmental and biotechnology law, science journalism or bioscience management, just to name a few career opportunities.

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