Tv Schedule For The Olympic Hockey Games

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 8:37:36 AM

The Olympic Games are on the way with Japan set to host the 29th edition of the modern games. Advertisement Over 11, competitors from nations will descend on Tokyo in to aim for glory in their respective fields. A total of 33 sports will be shown at the Olympics including five new sports for fans to sink their teeth into. Fans around the world will be anticipating another two weeks of terrific competition, but when do the Games begin?

Sochi Winter Olympics TV schedule for Monday, Feb. 10,

The Chicago Blackhawks will release their full schedule along with the rest of the NHL next week, but on Friday they gave fans a taste as they revealed their preseason slate. If the offense takes the step forward many people anticipate after the aggressive offseason, Chicago could be one of the league's most improved teams this season.

During each Olympiad we try to offer you some insights on how to leverage them to your best advantage. To that end, there is good news and bad news for restaurants and bars hoping to attract guests to watch the events unfold at their locations.

Olympics on television

The good news is that there is an enormous amount of live coverage and ALL events will be available live. The bad news is that many of those events are at odd hours due the 12 hour time difference between Korea and North America.

As with every Olympiad, the most important event is the first one — the Opening Ceremony. The excitement associated with seeing all the teams march through the central stadium in their full international regalia has captivated audiences forever. This is an unusual year because of the dangerous standoff between the South and North Korean governments.

Winter Olympics TV Schedule

While no confrontation is expected, the Olympics are well known for the unpredictable. All times are Eastern. The outline is specifically accurate when it comes to the pool play for Ice Hockey and the times for the Figure Skating.

Winter Olympics TV schedule: Sunday, February 18,

So, check out the schedule and get ready to be talking all things Curling and how long those speed skaters skates really are.

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