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The Good Fight Live Stream: How to Watch 5 Episodes Online

Maia and Lucca are assigned to ride along with police officers for one night. Adrian, Diane, Marissa and Jay, on the other hand, are trying to ensure a controversial news report is allowed to air. This episode deals with the messiness surrounding hot button topics of police misbehavior and the MeToo movement.

Due to an agreed consent decree between opposing parties, the court mandated that once a month attorneys from different law firms would accompany Chicago police officers during their shift to make sure they are following procedure.

  • Its story began a year after the events in the season finale of its parent series, The Good Wife. In the hands of the original creators Robert King and Michelle King — along with Phil Alden Robinson — it rescued Diane Lockhart Christine Baranski and her goddaughter Maia Rindell Rose Leslie from their scandals and career-threatening financial losses and put them in a new, predominantly African American law firm.
  • The balls of lightning and the power outages are theatrical elements in the finale that actually work quite well. This show has always felt a bit like an opera or a ballet—rhythmic and impeccably crafted but also undeniably heightened.
  • Premise[ edit ] A year after the series finale of The Good Wife , an enormous financial scam destroys the reputation of young lawyer Maia Rindell and wipes out the savings of her mentor, Diane Lockhart. The show deals primarily with the storylines of its three female leads — Diane, Lucca, and Maia — and contains considerable political and social commentary , exploring topical issues such as the alt-right , the Me Too movement , online harassment , and fake news.
  • Always feels great to watch Nazis get punched.

Afterwards, the police captain hands Maia and Lucca paperwork to fill out. On the other hand, he straight up tells Maia, assigned to Sector David, to sign all the pages. If she had any lingering doubts about where she was going, Officer Torino of David Sector gives her a stab-proof vest to protect against knives and, even worse, thrown acid.

At the same time, Diane is at home watching TV alone. She flips through the channels, but everyone is talking about Trump. Nor can she get rid of Tully the bartender, calling from an unknown number, which inexplicably she answers. Tully entices her to hang out, maybe participate in a protest-turned-riot.

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They can share laughs and chit-chat over Molotov cocktails. Their client, a TV station, wants to broadcast on their morning show a controversial report alleging sexual assault by Kip Dunning, a popular Hollywood actor. This is not a promising start to the 7 hours they have to resolve this mess. In a less lively scene, Lucca and her officers are parked in a dead zone.

Bored Lucca passes the time by looking at breech birth pictures and chatting with the officers. Lucca decides to check in with Maia to see if her night is more eventful.

Shows You Should Be Watching Now #2: ‘The Good Fight’

And it is, because Maia is trying to stay in her seat, but her seatbelt is proving inadequate. Things truly become surreal when Lucca spots a quacking duck crossing the street that decides to rest in front of the patrol car. Crossing a road must be tiring. No translation need.

They sit in cozy chairs, reviewing the controversial news segment by Naomi Nivola.

‘The Good Fight’ Renewed For Season 4 By CBS All Access

Now that the MeToo movement is essentially in its second wave, any forthcoming allegations can be utilized politically by savvy operators to manipulate public opinion and support.

In , he was killed during a routine traffic stop. Kominski, recognizing the questioner, Raymond, inquires when he last saw his parole officer.

Raymond admits he missed his appointment. Meanwhile, Chantal, another local, quizzically stares at Maia, who is recording the interactions. Kominski and Torino are astonished, more so when Maia discloses they were locked up together. By now Lucca has resigned herself to waiting for a duck to finish crossing the road, when they see a drunk driver swerving past.

When the police pull over the car and start questioning its driver, Lucca hears a familiar voice slurring denials.

The Good Fight Season 1 Episode 5 Watch Online

Comically, Mrs. Lovatelli drunkenly thinks Lucca is the one in trouble, because why else would Lucca be hanging out with the police. As always, Mrs.

Full Episodes The series network had decided not to air it, presumably because it was a clear critique of the sexual assault allegations that surrounded Trump during the election.
Our picks tonight I want to cut it off and put it on my desk. All Rights Reserved.
The Good Fight


During Mrs. Even worse for his date , he answers the phone. Voicemail exists for a reason.

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When Naomi discloses that she found his accusers on a MeToo thread, where women share their stories of harassment or worse, Preston accuses her of trawling for stories. She responds that she went there to share her own account, Preston then accuses her of having a personal vendetta, but Naomi easily swats away that laughable suggestion because she reveals her story ended with her pouring a glass of water on the private parts of her attempted workplace harasser.

‘The Good Fight’ Season 2, Episode 5: Perception and Prejudice

Unfortunately, the first victim interviewed is Beth, a paranoid woman. She takes a photo of Jay from her doorway to send to a friend, in case he attempts anything untoward. While she pours Jay some tea, he notes an Ann Coulter book on her table.

At night she keeps the lights on and has celebrity news shows continuously playing. When he lets her know he worked on a particularly famous expose, she eagerly tells him that he should look into her situation, too.

Maia, who was struck by a glass shard, is being treated by an EMT, when Officer Kominski approaches her. She saw Maia recording with her phone and taking notes, so Kominski wants to know what they were doing wrong.

Maia asks why they were harassing Raymond when the bottles were being thrown from above. Officer Torino becomes upset hearing this exchange, because his actions are being questioned and undermined by a know-nothing like Maia. This incites him to walk over and arrest Raymond for missing his parole meeting.

Frankly, whatever valid arguments Torino had went out the door as soon as he started throwing his weight around and using his authority to make examples of others just because he disagreed with Maia. What a class act. Adrian is obviously drawn to Naomi, and they did share a couple smiles earlier in the conference room.

Under the pretext of discussing Beth, Adrian admits feeling like he knows her — he thinks it from watching her on TV — and asks to meet up for coffee sometime.

It turns out they do know each other, and she has an unambiguous memory of him. Needless to say, she then makes her graceful exit, leaving him open-mouthed, literally and figuratively. You go, girl!

Lovatelli uses that time to freely and inappropriately share personal family history. For example, alcoholism runs in their family but tends to skip a generation. Their conversation is interrupted by a text from Maia asking how things are going. Noxious odors are reeking from an apartment that Maia and company were dispatched to investigate.

Maia remains transfixed by the corpse, until a thumping noise stirs her attention. Kominski had discreetly summoned Torino to a bedroom, where Maia observes them rifling through drawers and pocketing jewelry.

She duly films them on her iPhone. At least Marissa gets to go to a bar, where she meets Kelsey, the anonymous accuser. However, Kelsey obstinately refuses to speak publicly, despite being aware that her anonymity would weaken, or possibly doom, the story.

Not deterred by this roadblock, Marissa changes tactics and asks about her political affiliations, which leaves Kelsey perplexed.

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