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Tap Sports Baseball Available Now, Free For iOS and Android Devices


Pick an MLB team, get matched up with another player, and then step up to the plate and take your cuts. Pros Play against live opponents: The game matches you up with other players based on your skill and player level.

While most games are played live, so you wait for your opponent to finish their turn, you can use a ticket to play a bonus game with no waiting. The game is free to play, but to upgrade players or assemble a better team, you will need to use the game's currency, which you can either earn slowly in the game or buy in bulk via in-app purchase.

Fun gameplay: Gameplay is easy enough: Tap the screen to swing at a pitch.

Tap Sports Baseball app review

Player movements are smooth -- both at the plate and rounding the bases -- and the game's soundtrack recreates a bit of the feel of being at a game. Create your own team: In addition to playing as one of the 30 MLB teams, you can draft current or legendary players onto your team.

You can participate in drafts for free, but to grab the best players you need to pay with in-game currency, which you slowly earn or buy with your own real cash.

Cons Awkward app navigation: The app's main screens are an odd mix of empty space and small labels, buttons, and icons. Games in progress appear in an awkward swipeable list that doesn't provide much information about game status.

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Dependent on others to play: You play your half of the inning and then wait for the other player to complete their side. But you probably will have a handful of games where you are just waiting for the other player to complete their half of the inning.


The game has a Nudge button if your opponent is slow to play, but I've had little success getting opponents to play once they've disappeared. Bottom Line Waiting for opposing teams to complete their half of an inning can be frustrating, but once you take the field, MLB Tap Sports Baseball is a quick way to get your baseball fix.

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