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In any event — naming semantics aside, the Suunto 5 is simply a Suunto 9 with a smaller battery, no compass, and no barometric altimeter. Actually, there are technically three other tiny itty bitty tweaks — and one of them favors the cheaper unit. But more on that later.

Tested (part one): Suunto Traverse sports watch

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Hot Offers - Watches Suunto remains at the forefront of innovation in the sports industry and is a leading designer and manufacturer of dive computers, sports watches, heart rate monitors and precision instruments. At the core of Suunto's values is their design, performance technology and craftsmanship.

  • The slim and lightweight multisport GPS watch is made for the active sports enthusiast. The Spartan trainer is considerably smaller than the previous models, yet still delivers great, versatile training features including daily activity tracking, and heart rate measurement by the best-in-class biometrics supplier Valencell.
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  • Run without your phone or your wallet Always-on display Workout app lacks detail Battery life impacted in new model The Watch 5 looks identical to last year's Watch 4, but that's now off sale, so we're going for the new option instead.
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  • History[ edit ] First logo of Suunto In the company's founder, Tuomas Vohlonen , a surveyor by profession, applied for a patent for a unique method of filling and sealing a lightweight compass housing made entirely of celluloid and filled with liquid to dampen the needle and to protect it from shock and wear due to excessive motion. The company was entered in the trade register on February 4,

Established as a company in by the founder Tuomas Vohlonen, Suunto can now lay claim to be one of the oldest sports instrument companies in the world. There are many different sports watch brands today, with just as many claims to how well they work and the features they can offer.

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Only one brand can lay claim to creating the first outdoor adventure watch and the world's first watch with a GPS built in and that is Suunto.

Buy with confidence in knowing you are buying a brand with years and years of experience. Suunto offers watches for sports, adventure and fitness training Suunto M Series - affordable sports watches for the fitness enthusiast offering real time heart rate monitoring and a range of advanced training and coaching features.

’s best running watches, from basic to pro

Suunto Core Series - the award winning Suunto Core range of adventure watches offer advanced features like an altimeter, barometer, compass and even storm warnings.

The Suunto Ambit is the ultimate in multisport and outdoor sports watches.

Let us know if there something it can't do. Sports Band or Sports Watch? Which one is right for me. This is difficult to know. Each has a place and we sell a lot of both of these types of products. Sports watches a generally more accurate at heart rate monitoring as many use a heart rate strap, have the ability to cross over into many more sports and activities and are considerably more durable.

With a number of brands and models on the market, it is now at the point where a new-release GPS watch needs to really stand out from the crowd to be noticed.

Added values - Many of the big name brands come with very good deals in terms of accessories and other high value products in their purchase prices. Including accessories for running, cycling, swimming etc. You can get a lot of the performance and features of the more expensive sports watches for much lower prices, so take a good look around.

  • Amazingly light on the wrist and you can customise the face of the watch to not look like a sports watch. We also love the touch screen technology.
  • Made for Running While there are ways to cut down on price—like buying a refurbished version or opting for an older model of a recently released watch—narrowing down the features you need is key.
  • Home Suunto Suunto's watches have been worn by explorers and divers to some of the world's wildest places.
  • This can help you with navigation, planning and weather prediction. Watches with hiking-specific features are very popular these days and the companies behind them are making great progress when it comes to combining design with useful technology.

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