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Wackelpeter Layer This layer wobbles an image or a video source like the favorite, typical German, desert called "Wackelpeter". Download Spotlight Layer Another way to highlight a part of an image: Put a spotlight on it! Download Magnifying Glass Layer This handy free layer for mimoLive allows you to magnify a part of the video to show details that might otherwise go unnoticed.

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It's almost purely an adjustment for content. It wasn't about cost.

ESPN broadcasts with San Francisco landmarks in background

Starting with the MLS regular season in March, Brady said the Dynamo will produce weekly podcasts with coach Wilmer Cabrera and general manager Matt Jordan and also will have a weekly player podcast. We want to tell their stories and felt that podcasting was a great opportunity to service fans who are thirsty for more content from us.

As for the podcasts, he said, "Sports is as much about entertainment as it is about the games. The players have tremendous stories and backgrounds, and we'll have a chance to talk to them about that. The NBA Saturday night skills events averaged five million viewers, up from 4.

Emerging Careers in Sports: Job Options, Salaries, & Resources

The Daytona , meanwhile, slipped to a 5. That matches last year's rating but is down a smidgen in average viewers.

Paul has been named Ohio Sportscaster of the Year 4 times was inducted into the Ohio broadcasters Hall of Fame in

In addition to Sunday's game against the Braves, other upcoming games are next Wednesday against the Nationals and next Thursday against the Marlins. There's no indication yet, however, that Disney is inclined to break up the Fox Sports Net group for separate buyers.

Charting the year

And to think we were stunned a few years ago when the Astros decided to pair Milo Hamilton with Dave Raymond or Brett Dolan on home games while using Dolan and Raymond on road games. Meanwhile, longtime Orioles announcer Joe Angel said he will not return to the team's broadcast this season, retiring after 42 years on the air.

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No word yet on his replacement. NBC celebrates

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