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Wednesday, October 23, 2019 2:33:38 PM

Getting in shape doesn't need to cost a lot of money Shares Over the space of a few years, activity trackers, which started out as humble pedometers for step counting, have now evolved into powerful wrist-worn training partners. Track steps, calories burned, heart rate, distance traveled and sleep with this latest generation of activity trackers. What they all have in common is they can help anyone go from unhealthy to fit and have an affordable price tag too. The products below are an impartial list drawn from our in-depth reviews.

Here's why. Have a tip on a watch that looks great and costs less than a Benjamin? Send those tips in to joe dappered.

15 Best Women's Watches Under $ {Plus One to Avoid in }

Even the stock rubber strap that it comes on is decent soft-ish, not rigid plastic. Black on black is sharp and absolutely suit worthy. Feels solid and well made. Chronograph function.

Easy to wear 40mm case diameter. What used to be a forgotten junk brand finally got some purposeful style. The prices have remained cheap, but the looks? A heck of a lot better. That dark blue dial with the tan strap?

Best Watches under $

That combination works. And then some. Quartz movement of course. It also has an exhibition caseback. A complete classic. Modern and minimalist, without being too modern and minimalist. Nice and slim. Full review here. The band is super flimsy, but the watch itself feels decent enough for the price.

Just 37mm in diameter, so best for guys looking for something with a very classic size, or, happen to have smaller wrists.

You Need These 3 Solar Watches Under $

Right in the middle. Beautifully domed crystal. Okay, not super close, but dead simple, classy as hell, and well proportioned thanks to the logo at noon and the small date window at six.

Blue seconds hand is a nice touch.

20 Best Men's Watches Under $ of

Sadly, not eco-drive, so battery replacements will be necessary every so often. Big fan of the basic, brushed links.

No chromed up inserts here. Good feel and solid, m water resistance too. Nice stainless steel band and case. Automatic movement. Exhibition case back. High end Swiss watch makers?

This son-of-a-gun is a gateway drug if there ever was one. Was made with either a black or white dial. Stock bracelet outperformed for the price. Solid good looks and fine performance. Looks great on a leather strap or NATO too.

Best watches under £ time is not very much money

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