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They are colourful, full of life, share great teachings with you in simple ways but most importantly they remain in your memories forever. We did, all of us did. We have grown up watching them and cannot deny there is a small part that lives within us craving to see them once in a while. Refresh your beautiful everlasting memories through these characters.

The Wyoming toad was listed as an endangered species in and listed as extinct in the wild since Before the sharp declines occurred, this toad was classified as a subspecies of the Canadian toad.

It is a member of Tribe Arini in the subfamily Arinae part of the family Psittacidae the true parrots. Socorro dove Socorro dove The Socorro dove is a dove that is extinct in the wild.

Nachrichten: Mordillo ist tot

The last sighting in its natural habitat was in There are not more than and probably fewer than purebred birds in captivity.

A reintroduction program is in the early stages of preparation. Oahu deceptor bush cricket Oahu deceptor bush cricket Leptogryllus deceptor is a species of cricket in the family Gryllidae. It was endemic to the Pacific island state of Hawaii in the United States.

Where do pseudoceros ferrugineus live cricket

It is currently extinct in the wild according to IUCN. Kihansi spray toad Kihansi spray toad The Kihansi spray toad, Nectophrynoides asperginis, is a small toad endemic to Tanzania.

The species is live-bearing and insectivorous. Hawaiian crow Hawaiian crow The species is known for strong flying ability and resourcefulness, and the reasons for its extirpation are not fully understood. Guam rail Guam rail Nine of the eleven species of native forest-dwelling birds have been extirpated from Guam.

Rare parrot from hit film Rio is on the brink of EXTINCTION

Five of these were endemic at the species or subspecies level and are now extinct on Guam. Two of these species, the Guam rail and the Guam kingfisher, are being captively bred in zoos in the hope that they can eventually be released back into the wild.

Catarina pupfish Catarina pupfish The Catarina pupfish is a diminutive species of fish in the Cyprinodontidae family, first described in Black softshell turtle Black softshell turtle The black softshell turtle or Bostami turtle is a species of freshwater turtle found in India and Bangladesh.

It was long believed to be inbred individuals of the Ganges softshell turtle or the Indian peacock softshell turtle, but while it is a close relative of the latter, it is a distinct species.

Ten Super Rare Animals That Are All Extinct in the Wild

Alagoas curassow Alagoas curassow The Alagoas curassow is a glossy-black, pheasant-like bird. It was formerly found in forests in Northeastern Brazil in what is now the states of Pernambuco and Alagoas, which is the origin of its common name. It is now extinct in the wild; there are about individuals in captivity.

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