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Rugby League on TV

Super League, assemble! Advertisement: Rugby League is the working-class version of rugby. Union has player teams; League has player teams. Union is traditionally the gentlemen's game though it can be played by women ; League is the working-class game, and is played in professional leagues.

Rugby League World Cup

And is also played by women. Note—by women; not girls, and certainly not ladies.

Premiership Rugby

There is no such game as "ladies' rugby. Only instead of trying to make 10 yards in four tackles, you have six tackles referred to as a "set of six" to score a try ie: get into the other teams "end zone. Similar to American Football, if you are tackled with the ball after the aforementioned tackles without reaching your goal, you have to turn the ball over at that spot.

So, similarly like American Football with one tackle remaining you boot the ball away and try like hell to rough up the opposition. Advertisement: This is a "working man's game" for the eastern seaboard of Australia, with a long heritage that coexists, sometimes a bit uncomfortably, with the pressures of modern commercial sport.

The more England beat New Zealand, the less they fear NRL players

Australians are very good at it. This, like basketball and American Football in the USA, means that you have a lot of young men with a lot of money doing silly things in their spare time - only instead of bringing guns into the team's locker room, they have sex with a girl while their mates stand around pleasuring themselves, and defecate in hotel corridors, though not necessarily at the same time.

At least if you believe the somewhat hysterical media depiction of the sport - the extent to which this description is actually true of most rugby league players is, at best, highly debatable.

This league is the top league of clubs in both Australia and New Zealand. But first, a little history.

After snatching up enough teams that were unhappy with the ARL's administration, the Super League ran its premiership parallel to the ARL's season in At the end of the Super League season, both sides were able to reach an agreement in December, and the two leagues merged to form the NRL.

The regular season begins in autumn and ends in spring. At the end of the season, the team at the top of the table is given a minor premiership. After the regular season is the Finals, in which the top eight teams compete in a number of knockout and sudden-death games between the top eight teams over four weeks in August and September, until only two teams remain.

The remaining teams then compete in what is the premiership-deciding game, the NRL Grand Final, one of Australia's most popular sporting events and one of the largest attended club championship events in the world.

Rugby League Live 3

The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs Premierships: , , , , , , , Known for being the birthplace of "The Entertainers", their squad that was famous for playing an exciting and tricky brand of football, which elements had much part in creating some of the more skilful aspects of the game seen today.

Generally seen to be a "rollercoaster" team — one year they can be extremely successful, next year they might be fighting at bottom of the ladder. The Canberra Raiders First season: Premierships: , , Known more nowadays for being sort of a "gatekeeper" team — they either end up finishing just outside the top 8 or end up being knocked out early in the Grand Finals.

The Cronulla Sharks First season: Premierships: Apart from their terrible records, they've also suffered from financial problems throughout their club history. Their nearly 50 year drought was so bad that legendary coach Jack Gibson said that waiting for Cronulla to win a premiership was like "leaving your porchlight on for Harold Holt ".

Also The Unfavorite of Southern Sydney, as they've had to compete with bitter rivals and much more successful St. George-Illawara Dragons, who dwarf them in popularity.

First season: As of their future remains in doubt, as they've been placed in financial takeover by the League in wake of their debt of 35 million dollars and a parta The Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles — also known as Manly. First season: , Premierships: , , , , , , , Remarkably, they've had no wooden spoons in their 62 season history, the longest period of any current club.

Generally considered to be the frontrunner to South Sydney's title of the most hated team in the league — apart from their long-standing reputation of poaching of other team's star players, they're most famous for their ill-fated merger with the very popular North Sydney Bears, only for it to crash and burn, taking the Bears down with it.

The Melbourne Storm — the first professional rugby league team based in Victoria. First season: Premierships: , , Minor premierships: , , , They had won two premierships in and , as well as minor premierships in , and , until the trophies were annulled after the club was found out to have breached the salary cap.

The Storm's greatest assets, it seems, comes from the so-called 'Big Three'. These three players, consisting of Cameron Smith, Billy Slater and Cooper Cronk are the respective Hooker, Fullback and Halfback often regarded to be the three most important positions on the field of the Storm, having played their entire career so far there, and also regarded to be three of the best players in league, having also hold those incumbent positions for both the Queensland and Australian representative teams.

By keeping these three on, even before the reality of the salary cap scandal was found out, this lead to some problems in retaining other high-level players in the Storm.

Rugby League Live 3 Achievements

Furthermore, in the AFL-dominated town of Melbourne, the team has very few regional juniors to pick from As of , the only Victorian born-and-bred player who has ever represented the Storm has been Mahe Fonua. This means that, as with the Queensland-born Smith, Slater and Cronk, the Storm often have to recruit talents from other areas, as well as 'journeymen' who never quite fit into their past clubs.

The general success of these players can largely be credited to coach Craig Bellamy, who is often regarded as one of the best in the League. The Newcastle Knights First season: Premierships: , The second team in the League to be based in Newcastle The first was the Newcastle Rebels, who were in the league from Noted for being currently coached by Wayne Bennett, who helped Brisbane win 6 premierships Also noted for having some of the most fiercely loyal fans in the NRL, who tend to get extremely violent and unreasonable when the team is not doing well.

First season: Noted as slow-starters: Often times they will struggle against teams they should easily beat in the beginning of the season and then pick up steam with exciting wins.

The North Queensland Cowboys First season: Premierships: Rivals with the Brisbane Broncos, and for good reason: one of the major obstacles to the club's stability in its inaugural season was attracting followers from Brisbane, which up until the Cowboys' inception was the only team based in Queensland.

They are historically one of the least successful clubs in league history, they have the most wooden spoons 10 of any club still in the league and apart from a few magical runs which ended in heartbreak have spent most of the s at the bottom of the ladder.

To add insult to injury, Manly joined the league the same year as Paramatta and have been much more successful. The Penrith Panthers First season: Premierships: , Viewed as somewhat of an "underdog team" after upset win over the Sydney Roosters in the final.

Also known for their The St. George-Illawara Dragons — formed via merger between St. George Dragons and the Illawara Steelers. First season: St. George , Illawara Steelers , clubs merged Premierships: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , as St.

George , as St. George-Illawara Noted for being the first merger club of the NRL — merged entity being a new concept in Australian rugby league, many of the public watched closely in their first season whether to see if it'd work or fail in the cases of Souths and Chooks supporters, they were hoping for the latter.

George was famous for winning 15 premierships, including 11 in succession between and , a record for sporting competitions at the time. The South Sydney Rabbitohs — the most successful club in the League. Premierships: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , If you've heard of any NRL team, it's probably this one.

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