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Rugby 7s Kit Designer Teams consist of 13 Players and. Our custom rugby kits come in a massive range of 36 distinct styles, each customisable in up to 22 different colours.

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This game has more to it than just kicking around a ball. Investing in good rugby accessories for practice and training will prove to be an advantage. Questions which help you decide While training for this game, it is important to make sure that the rugby ball is made from a comfortable material to keep your hands from hurting.

They are made of a waterproof synthetic material and a ridged hide to ensure grip. Another seemingly trivial aspect is your teeth. It is important to guard your teeth and therefore it is important to invest in a good pair of mouth guards.

A wide range to choose from Decathlon brings you a great range of rugby balls of different colours and sizes for three different age groups.

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Decathlon also offers rugby tees and rugby mouth guards for you to buy under the category of great branded rugby equipment. Top features Rugby ball material: As opposed to the vintage leather rugby ball, polyurethane balls are much softer on the hands and less scary for beginners who plan on training for the first time.

Rugby tee: This might seem unimportant but it is quite essential as it plays and important role during initial training sessions. A rugby tee guards a player's shoulder and back besides being streamlined for faster movement.

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Right fit of mouth guards: It is important to invest in a mouth guard of the right size. It might seem uncomfortable at first but you need to chew it into shape by biting into it constantly. Shoes: The type of footwear you choose is of utmost importance.

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You would require spiked shoes just like football, but ones that are slightly heavier. Search the Decathlon website to buy accessories for rugby online.

Everything you need is just a click away.

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