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After suffering a shocking defeat, the All Blacks All Blacks will be hoping to beat Wallabies in the home leg of the Bledisloe Cup or face its first tournament loss in over 15 years. Typically played as a three-match series, this year's program is condensed into two games and Wallabies won the first bout to give teams time to prepare for the Rugby World Cup in early September. The Wallabies haven't won since before a five-year winning streak turned into 16 straight losses. However, the Wallabiesn Wallabies thoroughly dismantled All Blacks in Game 1 with a major 46 to 26 victory.

Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup schedule

This would be purely to indicate interest; no details had to be provided at this stage. The tournament received interest from nine different nations.

Interested organisations were asked to enter a formal bid by 31 October At a press conference on 5 November , organisers announced that bids from 14 localities had been received.

Hong Kong and Singapore had expressed interest in hosting some of the matches and were included as part of the bid, [8] but were not amongst the 14 locations announced in Several changes to the venues submitted in the JRFU's original bid in were made.

The initial plans to hold matches in Hong Kong and Singapore were scrapped, meaning that all games would be in Japan.

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The JRFU's own Chichibunomiya Stadium in Tokyo might have been expected to host smaller interest games in the capital, but was not included in the plan. The JRFU selected the larger and more modern 50,seat Nagai multi-purpose stadium as its preferred venue for games in Osaka in but the Osaka Municipality and East Osaka City governments submitted a bid for the Hanazono Rugby Stadium , which they were planning to refurbish as the Osaka venue option.

East Osaka City would take over the stadium from long-time corporate owners Kintetsu in April While the bids included venues from a broad area of Japan, two areas were not involved in hosting: Hokushin'etsu Hokuriku region and Koshin'etsu region , which includes the city of Niigata and Chugoku Region , including Hiroshima and nearby Shikoku Island.

However, the stadium was scrapped and rebid in due to criticism over its design and increasing costs.

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Due to the changes, it would no longer be completed in time for the Rugby World Cup.

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