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Wednesday, September 11, 2019 10:29:25 AM

You might have gotten caught if you watched Mayweather vs. McGregor for free. Here's how. The watermark, which appeared as a series of numbers and letters, could have been used to track people watching the illegal streams. Or, you could be fine.

Showtime To Refund Customers Who Were Unable To Watch Mayweather

Are We Experiencing a Digital Spring?

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They were largely protesting repression, censorship, lack of economic opportunity and human rights violations in governments throughout North Africa and the Middle East. What set this movement apart is that it was fueled in large part by leveraging the power and scope of mobile social media.

The movement almost immediately from its outset, spread virally through real-time mobile phone video, tweets, hashtags, Facebook and other social media tools.

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The governments of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen were left overthrown in its wake with numerous others still embroiled in various stages of unrest and even civil war. The speed with which the Arab Spring grew is testament to the power of mobile social media and its ubiquitous instant access.

Though it is far from clear whether the Arab Spring will ultimately be a springboard for positive effect upon humanity or an opportunity for rouge nations, terror groups and asymmetric threats such as ISIS to advance radical agendas, hatred and suffering, what is clear is the interface between mobile technology, social media and geopolitical activity has been changed forever.

The power of mobile social media is undoubtedly going to be felt far beyond the Middle East and North Africa. Only last month the horror of the murders of Journalists Allison Parker and Adam Ward was posted online shortly after they occurred and unrest in Ferguson Missouri, Baltimore Maryland were also significantly kindled by mobile social media.

The Super Bowl Halftime Show, American Idol and interactive mass webcasts are other more positive examples of how mobile social media can be implemented in marketing, entertainment and education. Identifying The Lone Wolf Using Technology As we enter the July 4th holiday celebrating the ratification of Declaration of Independence it is important to remember that the rights and liberties our forefathers sought to acquire and preserve have always contained risks of misuse and abuse for evil purposes.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor

The warnings and threat predictions that have accompanied the usual preparation for picnics and fireworks in the United States have unfortunately become an all too familiar pall over a holiday that celebrates freedom and liberty.

Law enforcement, homeland security, other governmental and non-governmental agencies have been grasping with a very difficult balancing act between what the public should be told and what they do not need to know. The challenge presented by online radicalization and recruitment is that those who wish to do harm can hide in the reeds of the internet with ease.

Ubiquitous, inexpensive technologies which allow for nearly global internet access make the challenge even greater.

Periscope goes wild with new live

In essence we are searching for virtual needles in a worldwide electronic haystack that has no borders, never closes and keeps its location largely anonymous. This model uses the traditional funnel approach to sift the great majority of lawful online activities down through various algorithmic screens to identify threat nuggets.

Here is a depiction of the process: Unfortunately using the funnel approach for online threat identification tends to be time consuming, labor intensive, bandwidth and storage unfriendly and ultimately impossible to manage.

McGregor Vs. Khabib Live Stream: Watch UFC Main Card Online

Although technologies have vastly improved upon the 3 month internet scan performed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation in the challenge in deploying the correct technological solution still exists in terms of having the right query or logic in order to capture the correct information.

Simply put it is difficult if not impossible to apply general rules to a moving and developing problem. To use a fishing analogy with the top down funnel approach there will be many dolphins caught in nets trolling for tuna. This problem is what continues to challenge and vex online surveillance being conducted by agencies such as DHS and the NSA who are charged with an impossible task where even one mistake can be deadly.

Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao rematch: Retired legend says pair will fight again in 'nine-figure' deal. As predicted by so many people the tickets for the fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao has sold out quickly.

VFT Solutions has been testing and deploying its patented technology since As can be seen in the graphic below VFT technology uses a proprietary blend of human engineering with technology to have targets self-identify: The benefits of this approach are many, firstly it is far more scalable and far less labor and cost prohibitive than top-down methods.

The VFT model takes the impossibly large universe of the internet and decreases it exponentially, essentially creating a virtual magnet to draw specific online elements.

Though no technology or tactic is ever going to be a cure-all, it is fair to say that the VFT model has proven highly successful and cost-efficient in all deployments thus representing an important technological adjunct to ongoing terror threat identification.

The important points to remember as we continue to struggle with balancing the need to identify with the vastness of the anonymous internet universe can best be summed up as follows: — The Internet is too big to find everything and everyone.

Millions illegally streamed Mayweather

When the needle in the haystack tells you where it is, you have saved precious time and effort. If you lead a target to tell you who and where they are, they will. They feel comfort with those who appear to share their mindset. Discovery of the deployment of bottom-up intelligence disrupts and destroys communication channels making it far more difficult and uncomfortable to trust the party on the other side of the online contact.

This groundbreaking technology will enhance the efforts of law enforcement agencies that work day-in and day-out to interdict these illicit affairs by removing jurisdictional and physical barriers that have proven to be insurmountable in the past, and provide added reach and breadth to their efforts.

Does anybody watch UFC through Periscope?

The paper outlines and highlights the undisputable, existential threat that various types of proprietary content pirates pose to manufacturers, creators, owners and distributors of online content, goods and services.

Pirate Persona Whitepaper The Connected World Whitepaper Today, more than ever, we live in a connected world that requires a robust approach to the deployment of people, systems and protections.

VFT is here to help.

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