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Thursday, September 12, 2019 6:34:42 PM

Boxing last night People should just realise Manny was welcomed last night to the Mayweather school of boxing. Tyson Fury's foray into WWE is the embodiment of his childhood dreams, his ambitions of taking over boxing and American TV airwaves, and satiating the imaginations of his young children. For 19 years we have been supporting the sport and sharing news with regard to Irish boxing around the world for free. May didn't even have to break a sweat. The ability to climb into relevancy was masked by one last glorious night where the stars came out and millions watched in anticipation.

Lucas Martin Matthysse vs Manny Pacquiao () Full Fight

REPLAY: Manny Pacquiao vs Lucas Matthysse Full Fight and Highlights Video

It was the Filipino legend's first win by stoppage since he knocked out Miguel Cotto in May of , a statistic that sounds impossible for those who remember his prime but only demonstrates how far removed Pacquiao is from his peak form and why some question why he still chooses to fight.

Perhaps it's because he knows he can still beat the right fighter. Matthysse has been a threat for much of his career, with 39 wins 36 by stoppage in his career, but he looked slow, flat-footed and completely lost against a fighter four years his senior.

He wasn't big enough to bully Pacquiao like Horn did for a few rounds or quick enough to string together combinations. He boxed at a middle distance, and was a sitting duck for most of the bout.

Boxing last night

Matthysse landed single-digit punches in 6 of the 7 rounds. The left-handed uppercut—a punch that was working throughout the fight for Pacquiao—was nearly a carbon copy of the one that sent Matthysse crumpling in the third round, per Top Rank Boxing : Top Rank Boxing trboxing The power is still there.

With his head leaning forward over his top foot and his guard way up, Matthysse put himself in the ideal position for a power shot like that, and Pacquiao split the gloves and delivered.

Manny Pacquiao VS Lucas Matthysse Highlights (HD)

The fifth-round knockdown saw Pacquiao land a short right hook to the temple. Matthysse appeared to absorb the blow, but a couple of seconds later he dropped to one knee, initiating a count from the referee.

The punch was somewhat similar to the one that Viktor Postol used to earn a knockout win over Matthysse in The win at least shows that Pacquiao himself is capable of posing a threat in what is arguably boxing's most talented division.

If he wants to cash in on the victory, he will have to set something up sooner. Matthysse hardly looked like his best self, which does make Pacquiao's true form hard to gauge, but he at least looked supremely fit and hungry for more.

Manny pacquiao vs keith thurman full fight replay

It's clear Pacquiao and his promoters have the foundation for another big fight. He might even get back to pay-per-view status if he takes on a boxer like Thurman, Terence Crawford or Errol Spence Jr.

Here is what we learned from Pacquiao's sparkling display.

Whether he should take on those guys or not is another question entirely, but this version of Pacquiao hardly looked like a boxer ready to quit.

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